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    Amazing theme, by far the best real estate team on the planet! However the membership system is very hard to understand.
    How can we increase the remaining listings by 1, each time a user REMOVES a listing? Think about them as free slots that are being filled when submitting properties.

    Let’s say the client has a package with 10 “slots”. That means he can fill those 10 slots with properties, as he wishes. He can delete 1 property, he gets a free slot that he can use again.

    Situation now: When he deletes 1 property from the 10, he has 9 slots filled but 0 slots available. (what happens when he renews, does he get 1 free listing available again?)
    Needed situation: When he deletes 1 house, he gets 1 free slot back, so that he can add a new house up to 10 filled slots again.

    The same applies when deleting a featured property, you should get 1 featured slot free again.

    This should be very easy, appending a +1 to the remaining listings in the php function of deleting a property. How/where to do it?

    Thanks in advance, hear from you!

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    Hi Prescott,

    Thank you for your message.

    We understand what you wish. This might take custom work.
    Please open a ticket here : and provide all the details and a colleague from Development Team will take a look and see if he can advise or if this can be done only with custom work.

    Thank you,

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    Hi there, was there ever a solution to this question? I am very interested in the same thing as the agents of my site would much prefer this kind of system. Thanks for any information regarding this.

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