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    Hi Anna,
    I’m working to customise the theme for using it like a general business directory theme. Everything is fine because the theme is built in a smart way, clean and well organized .
    I just want to ask how easy/difficult is to have the possibility for user to choose multiple categories in frontend submit page? ( Categories to be displayed like checkboxes or something similar)

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    Hi Puiu,

    I’ll run this over with my partners and let you know. I need their technical expertise to answer.

    I’m really happy you find the code easy to navigate. That is wonderful news I’ll share with my partners as well 🙂

    I’ll post a reply tomorrow.

    Thank you

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    Hi Puiu,

    What you want to accomplish, is not very easy but not too hard also.

    You should

    1. display the categories in a checkbox format or a multiple select list. Capture the Post value for categories as array. This is done in libs/templates/front-end-submission.php

    2. In user-dashboard-add.php – you need to work with the current wp_set_object_terms to add all the categories. wp_set_object_terms accept array so should be pretty straight forward assuming you are sending the POST values correctly.

    Good luck!
    Dev Team

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