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    Hi Anna and team

    I’ve just downloaded WP Residence, so apologies if my questions are really basic but here’s the next one:

    On the sample site you sent me, when I set up a new page or edit an existing one the edit choices are different to what I’ve got with my live version.

    As an example, I don’t have ‘header options’. this means that I can’t find a way to remove the map and replace it with a static image and basically create a layout similar to your ‘homepage V4’ option.

    But it’s not just this, the whole editing system appears slightly different. Looks like I’m missing ‘visual composer’, so not sure what I need to do to get this.


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    Hi Deborah,

    This we also addressed by email. You have purchased by mistake WPESTATE, and that doesn’t have Visual Composer, plus it’s different in other features as well.

    Will help this morning, as promised.

    Thank you

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