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    Another payment gateways like they do here:

    To start, a bank Transfer option would be very good for customers who are not familiar with Paypal.

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    Hi Fabvon,

    Thank you for the idea. For the moment we will leave only PayPal as payment, as it has support for all we’ve built so far (membership, recurring, one time payment). Other merchants can be added,as custom development.

    Thank you again,

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    WoCommerce brings the rest, you can add free and paid plugins to wocommerce instead of adding independent payment methods

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    Hi Josh,

    Thank you for the comment. I don’t know very well Woo Commerce coding, but I’m sure that it would require a lot of work to integrate Woo Commerce into our paid listing and membership system (which we built from 0 ourselves).

    The idea is good, maybe we will analyze it, but for sure I can’t make any promises as we have other items we’d like to work on first.

    Thank you

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    anna felicidades excelente theme
    eres muy linda <3

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    I would like to 2nd this as a great addition to your theme & would love to see it added as a future developments.

    There is so much that can be add once WooCommerce is installed as they develop so many add on’s, I’v used there plugin to Xero ( my cloud accounting package) save so much time.

    Kind Regards

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    Well, I agree that would be really nice to add some other gateways 🙂
    For example in Poland only small amount of people got Pay Pal, mostly people uses bank transfers – which is more comfortable for them 🙂

    And there are some plugins for wordpress shop (woo commerce) that have implemented this type of payments –,,

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    I agree for integration WoCommerce to the theme! It’ll help admin site can integrate more payment getway. Such as, Bank transfer, and many more payment getway!


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