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    I have been struggling for over 2 weeks day and night, went through all the instructions of both methods Codestyling as well as POEdit. CodeStyling doesn’t exist anymore in the wordpress plugins and the one you download is full of errors, never works. so we only left with POEdit.

    Over 32 times, I translated PO and MO files, uploaded to the language folder, wordpress can’t pick it up. Secondly, all the people asking for similar question gets a one liner which just add to the frustration.

    The reason I m putting it out here is, if someone had any luck with POEdit or codeStyling, please post some help as I m giving up on the WPResidence guys as their answer is always very short and without help substance.

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    c. After all those steps go in Admin – WP RESIDENCE General Settings and you should see a dropdown with Languages. This is where you will find the languages available based on what you did on step 1. Select your language and that should be all.

    The backend will be in the language you select as well but you can use google translate. There are plugins to keep the admin backend in your native language, google them.!/translation

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