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    When you print the property it is very badly laid out – this was the response from our client.

    “I have used the print facility to print the property details. And think it needs a lot of attention.

    Everything is too big. The main picture takes up virtually the first page. Also all the other pictures need resizing.
    The page title doesn’t need to be on the printed version.
    The address details need to be at the top with the price to the right hand side of that.
    Office details needs to be at the top of the page on the right hand side next to the company logo.
    The current logo is white so isn’t currently visible. we obviously need to change this. I would suggest putting a blue banner across of the page.
    Property address further down the page is not required.
    Property details – although some of the information is require i don’t want it viewed in this way. I would like to see the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, availability date (for rental properties) and property ID. i would like this information under the main picture and very clear.
    Features – there needs to be 10 bullets 5 on left and 5 on right.
    Agent – not needed.
    I would like to have the main description last.
    Any other pictures will be after the description.
    i think there also needs to be a generic disclaimer on all of our adverts. (i will supply shortly)”

    I am surprised there is no template for customising the print page and that it doesnt just create a pdf. The current print process creates NINE pages of print!

    Sorry but this is pretty important and have no response from my ticket.

    Does anyone else have a solution to this?

    Best regards

    Mark 🙂

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    Hi Mark

    Will post here what I just wrote in the ticket system for other clients with the same question

    The print property solution we incorporated cannot be modified by admin because the technical process is very complicated.

    The Print solution — if you wish to remove fields or styling fields — requires you modify the code or we do it as custom work (but it’s a tricky process).

    I just published this forum with all we could tell as technical instructions for who wishes to try this.

    If you wish to discuss this as custom work – please let me know. But as I said it’s a tricky change and this means a complicated job to do as custom work as well.

    Thank you

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    Hi MTP.
    see here:
    try to print the page… i’ve customized the print page

    If you want, as far as I can, I’ll help you

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      Looks great…

      can you explain the way to get the same….?!?!?


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    you have to edit the file ajax_functions.php in the /libs/ folder

    You must find “end get agent details” (at line 452 in the Version 1.09)
    and here you make the changes you want.

    If you can’t to make any change, send me the link of your site and your file ajax_functions.php that I try it.

    I hope so you can customize


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      HI web-tec, I would like to use the same setup of your file. Could you share the code with us? Many thanks.

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    Woah web.tec
    Sorry I missed this post

    Thanks so much I will have a go.


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    // end get agent details


    print ‘<html><head><link href=”‘.get_stylesheet_uri().'” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” /></head>’;

    print ‘<script src=””></script><script>$(window).load(function(){ print(); });</script>’;

    print ‘<body style=”background:#ffffff;”>’;


    if ( $logo!=” ){

    print ‘logo‘;

    } else {

    print ‘logo‘;


    print ‘<table border=”0″ width=”100%” cellpadding=”0″ cellspacing=”2″>



    <td><h1 class=”print_title”>’.custom_get_agent_name($post->ID).’ ‘.(‘ – ‘).’ ‘.$title.'</h1></td></tr></tbody></table>’;

    print ‘<div class=”print-addr”>’. $property_category .’ ‘.__(‘in’,’wpestate’).’ ‘.$property_action.’ ‘.__(‘a’,’wpestate’).’ ‘.$property_area.’ ‘.__(‘(‘).”.$property_city.”.__(‘)’).'</div>’;

    print ‘<div class=”print-price”>’.__(‘Price’,’wpestate’).’: ‘.$price.’ ‘.$price_label.'</div>’;

    print ‘<div class=”print-col-img”></div>’;

    print ‘<h2 class=”print_header”>’.__(‘Property Description’,’wpestate’).'</h2><div class=”print-content”>’.ucfirst($content).'</div></div>’;

    print ‘<h2 class=”print_header”>’.__(‘Property Address’,’wpestate’).'</h2>’;

    print ‘<div class=”print_wrapper”>’;

    print estate_listing_address_print($post_id);

    print ‘<h2 class=”print_header”>’.__(‘Property Details’,’wpestate’).'</h2>’;

    print estate_listing_details($post_id);

    print ‘<h2 class=”print_header”>’.__(‘Features and Amenities’,’wpestate’).'</h2>’;

    print estate_listing_features($post_id);

    print ‘<h2 class=”print_header”>’.__(‘Agent’,’wpestate’).'</h2>’;


    print ‘<div class=”print-col-img”>agent-images</div>’;


    print ‘<div class=”print-col-img”></div>’;


    print ‘<h3><div class=”listing_detail_agent col-md-4 agent_name”>’ . $name. ‘</div></h3>

    <div class=”agent_position”>’. $agent_posit .'</div>’;

    if ($agent_phone) {

    print ‘<div class=”listing_detail_agent col-md-4″>‘.__(‘Telephone’,’wpestate’).’: ‘.$agent_phone.'</div>’;


    if ($agent_mobile) {

    print ‘<div class=”listing_detail_agent col-md-4″>‘.__(‘Mobile’,’wpestate’).’: ‘.$agent_mobile.'</div>’;


    if ($agent_email) {

    print ‘<div class=”listing_detail_agent col-md-4″>‘.__(‘Email’,’wpestate’).’: ‘.$agent_email.'</div>’;


    if ($agent_skype) {

    print ‘<div class=”listing_detail_agent col-md-4″>‘.__(‘Skype’,’wpestate’).’: ‘.$agent_skype.'</div>’;


    print ‘</div>’;

    print ‘<div class=”printbreak”></div>’;

    print ‘<h2 class=”print_header”>’.__(‘Images’,’wpestate’).'</h2>’;

    foreach ($post_attachments as $attachment) {

    $original = wp_get_attachment_image_src($attachment->ID, ‘full’);

    print ‘<div class=”print-col-img printimg”></div>’;


    print ‘<div class=”print_agent”>’;

    print ‘</div>’;

    print ‘<div style=”margin-bottom:40px”></div>’;

    print ‘</body></html>’;die();



    /// delete search function


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    thanks web.tec will implement it and let you if it works!

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    thanks web.tec. – it kind of worked. The only problem I have now is that it is printing in Times New Roman. I tried to modify de style.css file but for some reasons it is not working. Any ideaS?

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    make a print screen

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      Hello WEB.TEC could help me in PHP code?

      He is printing the original image:

      foreach ($post_attachments as $attachment) {

      $original = wp_get_attachment_image_src($attachment->ID, ‘full’);

      print ‘<div class=”print-col-img printimg”></div>’;


      I wish from printing size 250×220, large, to fit two photos on a single line.

      Thank U

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      `foreach ($post_attachments as $attachment) {

      $original = wp_get_attachment_image_src($attachment->ID, ‘full’);

      print ‘<div class=”print-col-img printimg”><img src=”‘. $original[0].'” /></div>’;

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