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    Hi Anna,

    I bought your theme but I am having trouble with setting it up, I am not too bad with WordPress and would not normally contact support for help.

    I am having trouble, with the internal linking and is always reverting back to the homepage. Please can you help me with various things.

    For example all of the links on the user-dashboard page are pointing to the homepage on the site, how are where do I change them? I can’t find it anywhere.

    This is happening in other areas of the website too for example in the sidebar login widget, again none of the links work accept the Log Out button. Again I don’t see anywhere to define the link paths.

    The top right hand corner menu, same problem again, none of the links are working all just the log out link works. The other two links are set for the homepage. Where can I change the link paths for these?

    Please help, I also emailed you about this with some example screenshots. I really want to get this site set up as soon as possible, the domain is in case you want to have a look, please let me know what you know where I am going wrong, thank you.

    Kind regards

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    Hi again,

    Want to make this a bit easier for you to understand my issue. I am having lots of problems and getting very frustrated. Internal links not working and I cannot see where to set them, social logins not working, I have it working with a plugin now but this is because the one integrated in the theme does not work, id love to get it working asap I have a fair bit of experience setting up WordPress with premium templates and I have never really had to email like this so I am pretty concerned.

    I have created a user for you to have a quick look so you ca see what I mean about the links not working, I must have missed something not a clue why its not working, maybe is it because I have not added any properties yet?

    Anyway the login so you can see what’s going wrong on the pages created from WP ADMIN.

    LOGIN: test
    PASSWORD: test

    I created the following pages in WP ADMIN

    User dashboard –
    User Profile –
    Add New property

    If you login using the details given about and view the URL’s above you will see what I am talking about with the links all being set to the homepage, how do I change it.

    Also another concern, when logging in from the page after sending login details the page reloads the homepage, not the profile page or the dashboard, what am I missing here? Where do I change these things as in your demo it all works fine, please help I need to get this sorted.


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    Hi Adam,

    I’m posting my last reply here, in case other clients have the same situation.

    There are 2 instances of wpestate theme in your installation. You uploaded one in themes folder (like you should do) and another one in the actual theme folder. Because of that wordpress detects 2 set of templates and gets “confused” not knowing which is where.

    My recommendation is to remove the wordpress install, clean the database and start over. If you do not clear the database some page id may remain in there and you may reach the same situation. Since you don’t have any content yet best case is to start from 0.

    After you do this, please contact me to look over the Facebook Login. You should add in admin the Facebook app details, and then send me the link to check.

    Looking forward to your email.

    Thank you

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    Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for your help with this issue. I have followed your instruction and now everything is working as expected. I am really happy with the support from you and the team and would happily purchase future templates, great work, thank you!

    Best wishes,


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