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    Thanks for the great theme.

    -WordPress 4.1.1 running Wp Residence 1.09 theme.
    -We are using the Custom Post Type “Property” for whole buildings and not singular listings.
    -We DO NOT plan to have actual pricing for each and every listing that may be available within the “Property” (in our case an entire building ranging from 2-6 units all the way up to 500+ units in each “Property”). Rather we are focusing on starting prices for each type of listing within the “Property”. (ex. Studios from: $2000, 1 Bedrooms from: $2995, 2 Bedrooms from: $5000, etc)

    -Because the Property will have various starting prices depending on the size, we can not list a singular price on the Property.

    Solution Needed:
    -We are looking for a way to incorporate 3-4 additional price fields within the property. If that can’t be done, we are okay with creating a new metabox that will hold these numbers. However, we need to integrate it to the advance search so that if a user searches for 1 bedroom apartments, the price will be correlated to the studio price field.

    I hope this makes sense. I just need you to point me in the right direction as to where the fields need to be added and where I need to code the pulling of the actual data.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Hrenyc,

    What you wish requires custom work, as it is not the kind of change that we can advise about.
    It requires complex changes.
    Please open a ticket here if interested in custom work.

    Thank you,

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    The confusing part is that you allow multiple floorplans within each Property. That feature in of itself is perfect for what I’m looking to do. Just no way to differentiate the prices of the multiple floorplans available within the “Property”.

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    Again the issue is that currently the theme allows for multiple floor plans and even different pricing for each separate floor plan but that price is not searchable. Does this make sense?

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