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    Hi Anna,
    How do i create alink to a ready serch like, “appartments in some City”, do i create a page for that or??

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    Hi Amos,

    I understand what you need, but right now we don’t have a shortcode or a page template to combine 1 category + 1 city.

    We’re thinking about adding a shortcode, but I’m not sure when it will be launched.

    Meanwhile, you can use the shortcode by ID to group together properties in a list as you like

    Or you can use the taxonomy pages created by WordPress

    This will give you a page with ALL Houses, ALL Offices and so on.

    Same applies for City, Area, Action taxonomy URLs. You can list ALL listings from a certain city using such links.

    From here you take the links listings by CITY

    These links can be added to the menu automatically, from here

    I enabled the categories/actions/areas and cities list to show, so it’s easy just to drag and drop to the menu.

    Hope it helps.

    Thank you

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    Hi Anna,
    i tried to use the shortcod “by id” and i get only 1 propperty –
    [list_items_by_id type=”properties or articles” ids=”60,65,75,91″ number=”3″ rows=”1″ link=”link to global listing”][/list_items_by_id]
    so i need to know how to correct this, and hope that shortcode will come out soon.

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    Hi Amos,

    I just looked at the shortcode in your wp-admin.

    The IDs are not correct. This is a correct list of IDs

    [list_items_by_id type=”properties” ids=”473,464,453″ number=”3″ rows=”1″ link=”link to global listing”][/list_items_by_id]

    Here’s live

    The IDs, you take them from here (first column).

    Thank you!

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