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    Still a question Anna,
    maybe I’ve not understood the way in wich the shortcodes work to list the properties published on the website.
    In my homepage I’ve placed the shortcode…
    [container_content title="Ultimi annunci" border="listingborder"][recent_items type="properties" category_ids="" number="4" rows="2" link=""][/recent_items][/container_content]
    …that allows me to list recent properties
    Then I tried to place further shortcodes to specialize the visualization, i.e.:
    [container_content title="Affitti" border="listingborder"][recent_items type="properties" category_ids="2" number="4" rows="1" link=""][/recent_items][/container_content]
    This one to see only the properties to rent (Action ID:2)… but the code doesn’t work; neither with the ID:3 (the one for properties to sell).
    On the contrary, all the IDs related to real estate categories work correctly.
    So, have I to deduce that the shortcodes do not work with actions but only with categories?
    At the same way, can I deduce that it is impossible to randomize by shortcodes displaying listings?
    Looking at your examples it seems that the only way to list properties would be to assign to the shotcode their ID manually.
    Or not?

    Have a great w.e.!

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    STOP!!! Reading my query I’ve found by myself the solution (I’m a stupid!)


    is WRONG if I would to use action, so I have to write


    …and so on. That fool! πŸ™

    Remains valid only the last part of my question …is it possible to randomize the presentation through the shortcodes?

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    No, it wasn’t the right way 😐
    Stop sobbing, I wait for a little help from you about this πŸ™‚

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    Hi Paolo,

    The shortcode by ID is not for Actions yet (only for houses, and so on). We will add this in the next release as I understand it’s important.

    If you want to list properties in “Affito” or “Vendita” you have to use the shortocde listing by ID.

    Something like this:

    [container_content title=”In Vendita” border=””][list_items_by_id type=”properties” ids=”436,460,458″ number=”3″ rows=”1″ link=””][/list_items_by_id][/container_content]

    It will show like this

    Hope it helps.


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    No, it doesn’t.
    The problem is that I can’t put manually each ID because, when in production (in a few days, I hope), there will be 20/50 agencies with 2/3,000 properties at least to put on or take off as soon as they enter. Impossible to keep up with such a thing, this must be automatic, so I’ll wait your next release, as you wrote πŸ™‚
    Thank you anyway, Anna πŸ™‚

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    Hi Anna,

    have the same problem as mentioned above. Already saw you want to provide this feature in the next update. Can you already tell when it will come?
    Because this is sort of the key feature of the website I’m currently working on.


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    Hi Chris,

    We initially planned to release it in 2 weeks, but then we changed the plans and we’re now working on these features. We hope next week will be live.

    Thank you

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    Leandro LΓ³pina

    hi anna, I have the same problem, I get very happy to know that will be solved in 1 week, it is a key feature.

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    hi i recently purchase your theme and i wanted to know about this update mention above.
    can you give me the code to do it

    thanks u

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    Hi Farad and Leandro – the new Recent Items shortcode is available in the latest theme version on theme forest.

    Help manual –

    Thank you!

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