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    Hi Anna,

    As I try to follow along with the help guide, I realize it is too much laid out for demo content. This causes a lot of difficulties in trying to get the the heart, or foundation and structural basics of the theme.

    So for those who don’t want to clutter the site with demo content, and want to learn the theme from the ground up, is there a guide for this?

    Specifically something that has all of the base requirements for a functional site.

    One of the most basic things which took me nearly 2 weeks of back and forth editing, WP installs and removals, demo content issues with double database content, etc., etc…. I finally realized that there is a list of blank pages with specific templates that need to be created. These pages seem to need very specific names to be functional (Correct?).

    I think a basic guidelines sticky would be a good idea just to get a “no demo content” up and running. Just a suggestion.

    Can you provide a link to basic guidelines, or a list of pages, correct titles, and templates here along with other basic requirements.

    Thanks for all the support! You must have the patience of a cat 🙂

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    Hi Tony,

    This is a good idea.

    Names/Titles – don’t matter. But the Custom Page Templates matter.

    So, this is the list:

    By default, the theme comes with these 2 pages:
    Advanced Search (with the advanced search custom template)
    Compare pages (with the compare custom template)

    Don’t delete these or Advanced Search and Compare will not work. You can edit the pages, add a different sidebar, modify sidebar position and rename the page titles. But don’t delete them.

    These are the custom page options:



    1. For Saving Favorite Properties:

    Create a page with the User Dashboard Profile Page custom template.

    Create a page with the User Dashboard Favorite custom template.

    These pages should have sidebar set to NONE, as sidebar is not supported.


    2. For FREE user submission.

    Create the above +

    Create a page for User Listings – with the User Dashboard custom page template.
    Create a page for User Submission – with the User Dashboard Submit custom page template.


    3. For Paid or Membership submission

    Create all pages at 1+2 +

    Create a page with the PayPal Processor custom page template (save and that is it)

    Here you need to set up the PayPal api – as explained here


    4. For Agent List (the page that lists all agents automatically) create a page with Agent List custom page template.

    NOTE: don’t use “agents” for the link. This name is already used


    5. For Properties List (the page that lists all properties automatically, favorite always first) create a page with the Properties List custom page template

    NOTE: don’t use “properties” for the link name. This name is already used.


    6. For Contact Page, create a page with the Contact Page custom page template.

    The Lat and Long for this page are set in Theme Options – Google Maps Settings.
    Logo, Email, social account, address and phone are set in Theme Options – Social & Contact


    7. For Zillow Estimate widget to work

    Create a page with the Zillow Estimate custom page template.


    8. For Blog List page (that lists all posts) create a page with the Blog list page Custom page template.

    NOTE: don’t use “blog” for the link name. This name is already used.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Thank you,

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    I wasn’t sure if you’d do it or not, and this is a great help. Actually, I had already begun working on a basic layout for this myself, though maybe not as accurate or thorough as yours. I will continue to add to it. I think I have all the pages figured out, but now I can double check against your listings and details here.

    For a look at what I have done, which can be added/considered as a WPESTATE theme basic instructional page (just an idea)… visit this page on my site…

    And here’s the html only markup…

    Obviously there will be some mistakes because I made a lot of assumptions, and it could use some detailed expansion.



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    For those unaware…

    Place your cursor in the URL window and hit CTRL U to get the actually code for the page if you want to copy and paste it into your WP site for personal use.

    I will try to update accordingly as I dig in and learn more tricks, but this is not an all inclusive writeup; just a grasp on the basics.

    Cheers All!


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