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    Vince Torres

    Hello there;

    Mainly im dedicated to holiday rentals of luxury villas in Ibiza (Spain) and I have to renew my website and i like you Demo 1 wpresidence but I have a couple of questions:

    Is anyone of you assistance in Spanish?

    My main problem is the search engine because it is what basically customer care and filters work and need to be based in the fields of “rooms” + “range per week” + “availability” of days or 24 weeks saturday to saturday season lasts .. . if you give out my web site you can see an idea and basically is how the seekers from main pages of my competition work.

    You think there’s any chance to customize this option?

    Also if possible even i know im dreming would be a plus if it could then updated the booking dates of all the villas on one only sheet instead of opening village by village to mark the dates that will be booked…. this is just for give you an idea for future projects, I have not found any template with these characteristics and certainly would have much success, belive me 😉

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Vince Torres,
    Thank you for your message.
    If you need a faster response or more personalized support please open a ticket on
    All tickets are private and speak only English
    If you want an advice from someone else use the forum for this purpose. We try to offer help on forum but in principally we are more present in the Support System.
    Thank you,

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