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    Hello Anna,

    really great theme, thank you !!!
    I would to change two fields in numeric and text fields.

    This fields from Property Description & Price form.

    –Price in $ (only numbers)
    –After Price Label (ex: “per month”)

    I would to use the fields not for price without currency symbol.
    I would to use the two fields for any text and numeric.
    Where and how can i do that.

    Thank you

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    Hi Jonas

    This is a difficult task. I can’t guide you because there are many files where we ask for price in number format.

    You’d also have to remove the currency from the php code and again, there are many places.

    Plus PRICE exists in filters, default search, Ajax search – modifying that may create a lot of problems for you.

    Easiest way, don’t use PRICE at all, and currency doesn’t show.

    And use just the after price label for any text.

    Hope it helps.

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