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    Hello Anna,

    i translated some of words with poedit. In help it says that i must upload .po + .mo to languages, which I did, and then i have to “Open wp-config.php (is in root folder of WordPress) and set the WPLANG prefix with your language name (same as the file name you just saved). Ex define(‘WPLANG’, ‘de_DE’);”

    well I opened mine wp-config.php and I cant find ‘WPLANG’ value.

    Is it because I use wordpress 4.0 and that wp-config is different than older versions?

    Can you please post line and exact place where I can change the language? thanks.

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    Hi Peacock,

    In WordPress 4.0 you must add the wpconfig WPLANG manually as they changed the settings for language control.

    I would recommend to try this. Install CODESTYLE LOCALIZATION to do the same steps as POEDIT, without needing to modifying wp-config. You have the same steps here

    If it doesn’t work, please open a ticket in our ticket system and we will help you.

    Thank you,

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