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    Rob B

    Hey friends, I have a bit of an urgent issue.

    The ‘Type’ search parameter in both widget and homepage Advanced Search doesn’t work, in that it always returns zero properties. This is in spite of the fact that I have properties set to those Types.

    I’m not sure what’s going on how to fix it. I’ve messed around with the properties (ie renaming them), but properties are definitely assigned to the latest Types.

    Anything I can check? I am continuing to investigate and I will post what I find.

    The other search fields work perfectly.


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    Rob B

    Okay, I believe I know what the problem is – but I urgently require a solution please!

    The search functions don’t work if the categories (City, Neighbourhood/Area, or Categories) have a SPACE or any punctuation in them!

    Is there some kind of patch I can do in the code, to search on the taxonomy ID numbers or even the slugs instead of the name of the taxonomy? Just about every development in North America and half the cities have two words in the title.

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    Hi Rob,

    I think you also emailed me about this and I just replied.

    The Advanced Search works and you can use multiple words in a category title (this applies for category, action, area and city).

    You just need to make sure slugs are written correctly.

    Follow these instructions to add new categories and slugs correctly:

    As I mentioned by email, here are 2 examples:

    If category name is “New York”, slug must be “new-york”
    If category name is “House”, slug must be “house”

    If you need help sorting this out, send me wp-admin credentials. I’ll have you make the settings and then you’ll find it easier to add new categories in the future.

    Thank you

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    Rob B

    Thanks Anna, that was definitely the issue.

    I’ve always entered my own slugs on other WordPress installations, but those sites don’t have search functions, so I’d never run into an issue before. Totally makes sense why this would be a problem.

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