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    Hi Anna,

    Could you clarify for me what are the reasons, advantages, disadvantages of the setting “Front end registered users should be saved as agents?”
    What does this imply? Is there something special here?

    Ideally, I would want every user to be just a regular user as I don’t want regular users set up on the Agents Pages. And I would want Agents set up if they either buy an “agents package” (package with large listings QTY), or I set them up personally as agents.

    I found another thread which said the setting should be set to “Front end registered users should be saved as agents?” because you can’t change a regular user to an agent???

    What am I not understanding?
    How can I maintain New Users Registrations as regular users, and still have methods for setting up Agent Accounts?


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    Hi Tony,

    The theme as it is now was built in months and different updates.

    First – we had Agents (custom posts) added only by admin.

    Then we added user front end submission – with register. These users could only submit properties,pay, and have their contact form listed for properties submitted.

    And then, some clients asked the people who register can also have an Agent Post created automatically. That is why it’s on/off

    This option on creates the AGENT POST automatically at user registration in FRONT END. And the AGENT POST updates automatically with the properties submitted in front end and published on the website (MY LISTINS SECTION). You can also use the AGENT LIST custom page template to list all these agents/users.

    Some people use this option to give their own agents an account in front end to submit properties (and not in admin).

    It’s up to each client. We just had to build each new feature so that old clients were not affected. And this was the best way.

    Thank you

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