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    The below tips are for 2500 pins – as we tested

    We have a dedicated server and a demo with 2500 properties here with an average of 4 sec loading time. For have the same results we recommend to be followed below steps:

    1. Add pins to properties as google maps requests increase if you do not have this.

    2. On some servers the way we load pins without the “Read from file” system starts to slow down from less than 200 properties. So – just in case – test that read from file system –…

    Works with the “generate pins” button (manual control) or a cron that generates new pins every 24 hours automatically.

    3. Use FASTEST CACHE- plugin.

    4. Every plugin can cause extra delay. Test speed just with theme plugins (Visual Composer, Ultimate Addons, Rev Slider) to compare results and delete those you do not use or want to keep using.

    6. Make sure your images are optimized. Make sure it’s PNG and less size possible – this applies for any image.

    If you wish us to check above please provide wp-admin credentials (it is safe and private)


    In our opinion the limit for a decent speed on one dedicated is less than 7k. Solutions for 7k+ would require some custom development.

    We know the map works ok with a few thousand pins (we believe the decent speed limit is around 5k or a little more with above tips).

    Our ideas/suggestions are:

    – try to modify the map algorithm to show a limited number of pins on the map based on a radius area so it’s not 11k at once. This would require custom development which we haven’t done so far.

    – Also – we’re not 100% sure this would be the only direction needed for managing 30000 properties on one server. It could be possible such a solution requires a VIP hosting solution (like this one and the theme would have to be tested and adapted 100% to such a scalable solutions. Without ever being tested – we cannot know if this solution will work out of the box or it would require customization – especially for the third party (google maps).

    For our core we can only add a limited number of changes without affecting our existing clients. And these ideas must be customized based on each client needs.


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    I have 3k properties. I have set up Maximum zoom level for Cloud Cluster to appear on zoom 17. That way instead of showing 3k pin properties it shows many clusters all the time. Could this help optimize having many more thousand properties or it will make no difference?

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    Anyone have any extra suggestions to make theme run 30,000 properties?

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    @rroesc20: We are having some issues with 2K properties but not sure what it is yet. Have you managed to run 30K properties on your site?

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    Hello @absimp I have not yet decided to go to 30k properties. Currently I am at 3.2k Which is running fine. I have a dedicated server 8gb ram and 2.4 gz speed processor not really sure. Some tips I can give is to use cluster at almost maximum zoom level this will show more clusters instead of more properties. Also Read from memory is very important as well.

    I am using fastest cache but this was causing issues if I marked all boxes. I only marked a few. Try working with that choosing different boxes on trial and error.

    I also suggest using a CDN, though I am not using it yet.

    Hope that helps

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    Hey @rroesc20, thanks for getting back to me. I’m at 2K properties and thanks to some configuration changes by Anna the site is now super fast. The problem is that search is taking forever (30-100 seconds!!!). We are not showing any Google Maps at all. How is your search feature loading?

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