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    I purchased WP All Import and was wondering if anyone that has used it successfully and could shed a little more light on how it worked for them and how they set it up.

    So far I’ve got it to successfully import a few dozen properties from a .csv file. It has imported the correct post title and a few other variables, but when I try to synch all the variables that I want I’m getting an error now that says “Custom Field Value template is invalid: Reached end of template but statement sequence expected”. I realize that this might be a question for the Wp All Import folks, but thought I’d reach out here first.

    When I go through the setup and tell which custom fields that I want to synch with my csv, there are a lot of fields that I’m not familiar with and don’t know if I should leave them alone, or delete them.

    I worried that when I try to setup this routine and automatic import for new properties synched with a csv, it’s not going to automatically map the address, because the button “Place pin from address” to find the latitude and longitude won’t be pressed. Is this true? If so, how can I automatically have my address pin placed from the address field without manually doing it?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Hi naturalstate,

    How I can help – in the theme you have some default fields + you can add custom ones.

    I haven’t had the chance to list the default names of custom fields, but made a screenshot for how you can find that yourself from admin

    Use Chrome – Inspect Element and get to the element in screenshot to see what name and what it is used for. All these from wp-admin/property/edit property

    If you do not see properties in list after importing with WP ALL IMPORT, do this.

    If you edit and save a property – do you see property in in lists? It’s not just advanced search, it’s properties list as well.

    From other clients who had a similar experience I got this screenshot

    You must have prop_featured status in the import fields.

    That is a mandatory field (if property is featured or not).

    –> This option can be left un-checked. Property does not need to be featured to exist in search.

    –> What is important is that each property have this field during import attached to property.

    —> Field is called prop_featured

    —> The field can have 2 status: 1 means checked, and 0 un-checked.

    —> Checked means featured property.

    —> Un-checked means standard property.

    —> And you can import with status 0 if that is what you wish.

    –> The idea is for the field to exist to each property. If nowt, you have to edit property and save – in order for the theme to attach the field to the property on save.

    Hope this helps.
    Thank you

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    I pretty much got everything working. Except I was wondering if it was possible to automatically place the google map pin from the address? It appears that I would have to go in manually to each post and click “place pin from property address”. Or is this a custom field that I can activate somehow?

    If I manually look up the long and lat and import it that way, I get the pin placed automatically.

    Otherwise I would have to somehow have to get a script or something that coverts my addresses to long and lat.

    The website I’m designing is supposed to be completely automated and not require any manual property page creation.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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    In the theme – the lat & long coordinates are custom fields. If you have that for each property – you don’t need to click the button to have the address on map.

    So – I guess that if you can get that in the xml – that would save you time as once you set lat and long, the address saves on map automatically.

    If your xml doesn’t have these fields – you need to create the conversion script from address to lat and long coordinates – but can’t help more here as it’s related to your third part xml and wp-all import. Perhaps someone from WP ALL import can guide you to the right person who has experience in this field.

    Thank you


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      If your xml doesn’t have these fields – you need to this conversion script of PHP from address to lat and long coordinates –

      $output= json_decode($geocode);
      $lat = $output->results[0]->geometry->location->lat;
      $long = $output->results[0]->geometry->location->lng;

      You can place this script in your theme folder functions.php file
      replace $property_latitude & $property_longitude variable with $lat & $long , and you have done.
      (Note : $property_latitude & $property_longitude variable name depends on which theme you use. if these variable not available you need to find something similar variable name )
      I hope its work for you.

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    Hi Naturalstate
    We use WP All Import and it works really well.

    You just need to spend a little time understanding which field is which as they are not labelled to easily identify. However as Anna says use fierbug to identify the filed names. Then create an excel table with wesite fields on the left and your xml/csv fields on the right – this will save you ahving to to do test downloads and making amess.

    We are in the UK and use ExpertAgent and Universal to get our XML/CSV feeds and perform a cronjob every hour to update the site.

    Hope this helps let me know if you need further help.

    Oh one other cool feature is you can add php to the fields when mapping so if your xml feed provides a price that says 23032.0000000 which it often does you can add php to strip the decimal point and zeros.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah WP All Import works great! I have a cron job setup to run twice daily.

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    whats your website?

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    I’ve just been directed to this thread, as I’ve got WP All import but am having a few problems. My first problem which is now resolved but thought I’d mention it as others may encounter the same, is that once I started filling in the custom fields I then wasn’t able to move onto the next stage, as I was getting an error message. It turned out that the All Import programme was pulling up many more custom fields than were necessary for my properties. All I needed to do to get past this screen was delete the fields that weren’t relevant (and for those who are scardy cats like me, no this doesn’t affect your site in any way!). Then I saved just the fields I needed as a template, so this is now resolved. Tick!

    Now however, I can’t get images to import. I run the test and can see I’ve loaded them correctly but then when I go to my new properties after the import, the only image that’s showing is the featured image.

    Anyone else have this problem and if so, how did you overcome it?



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    Actually I just got an email from WP All Import. And there is a very serious security vulnerability, it’s so urgent that their asking everyone to upgrade to 4.1.1 immediately. Entire site could be comprised if you don’t.

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    MTP001: here it is

    Tealady46, what did the error message say?
    Yeah there are tons of fields that come up that are not necessary. Many I don’t even know what they are.

    I successfully got multiple images imported. But I did have a problem with “%” in the image filename. For some reason, no images that had the % would load. I’m not sure if that was an wp all import issue or theme problem. So I had to do some regex editing in my webscraper before I grabbed the images.

    The first one is the featured image, and the others are added to slide show. There are different ways to add the images. I already have my files uploaded to my ftp server via an automation program (WinAutomation). The WP All Import site has a video tutorial on how to do this. And they’re pretty helpful if you email them with questions.

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    For those of you that want to know what is an important field and what is not I will at some stage list all the important fields here so you can delete the others making your WPAllImport template a little cleaner

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    Hi naturalstate

    Your site looks great by the way. So you had no problems with image import then I take it? Can’t remember the error I got with the custom field issue but it was something to do with “” instead of ” being used. However, it turned out it was to do with fields it was trying to read that were totally irrelevant. So once I deleted these the problem solved.

    I’m now just stuck with the images not importing and it’d driving me mad. I know I’m pasting the right bit of xml code as it all works when I click on the ‘test’ button. But once I run the import only the featured image is showing.

    Hoping either someone here or the guys at All Import can help.

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    Yeah I don’t think I had any problems with images importing. I’ve attached the settings that I’m using.
    Is your import file an XML or CSV?

    I couldn’t get the XML to work, so ended up using CSV, and it seems much easier to manage.

    Check out my settings with this image

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    Thanks for this. Sadly it looks like using xml just does’t work. I can’t get my main agent to switch to CSV as this looks like it might solve the problem, as he only works in XML. I’ve been back to WP All import team but so far it doesn’t look like a solution can be found.

    I’ll post here again if I find a solution to this, as I suspect I won’t be the only one who has to work with XML and can’t make the all import plugin work with this theme.

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    Hi Forum

    I’m having the same issue, when I import my properties from the XML feed I still need to pin the properties on the Google map manually. I have seen the script posted by “gchoyal” above, that converts the property address to lat and long coordinates so the properties would pin automatically. Can any one help me with this as I’m not familiar with ftp and when I looked I couldn’t open the functions.php file so could not replace the script. Any help or advise with this would be great, thanks..

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    Where can I find the $property_latitude & $property_longitude variables that gchoyal mentioned above? Will this solution work with csv instead of xml?

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    It’s a default custom field called property_longitude & property_longitude just drag and drop in the XML or CSV field and it will do it all automatically. You won’t have to pin anything manually. I had to use an excel macro to generate the lat and longitude prior to import. But I have this all done automatically after my scraper runs.

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    I am also trying to use wpallimport to import from a xml url that contains no latitude or longitude fields.

    I am using wp residence theme.

    I can sucessully import but also not able to add town location to property map

    So this is where i am at for many days of work but still with no success.

    I have placed gchoyal script into the end of my functions.php file.

    I have added the custom fields property_longitude & property_latitude into the xml import custom fields and added the town name to both these fields.

    The properties still import OK but the property town is not added to the map.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated please.

    Many thanks

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    I geocode all my properties before I import them and then you map that field in WP ALL Import.

    You cannot put a town name in the property_long & lat fields they must be actual longitudes and latitudes. Make sure to include the “-” symbol on the longitude. It works fine if you do this. I’ve done this for 11,000 properties with this theme.

    I’ve experimented with a few different geocoding services. But am now using an node.js NPM script. is a pretty good service.

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    Same problem for me. I have the good location and the import goes well but nothing appears on map since i dont do a manual validation !

    Help is requested 🙂

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    If you have the Apperance -> WP Res Options -> Place Pins from file selected. Then you need to click on the last button “Generate Pins” button. The last button on the left below ‘Help & Custom’. Otherwise pins will not show up.

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    Hi everybody,

    WP All Import released a plugin especially for wp-residence.
    Hope this helps!


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    I might start using them again now. Really helpful team but it was just that bit too limiting in its original format.

    Anyone used this new format yet and if so, how did you get on?


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    Nice, thanks for letting us know about this new add on. The best part is that it geocodes and links to google geocode API. Everything else was already possible before, but it makes finding an configuring the fields easier.

    Wish I would of known they were coming out with this, I just finished creating an automated system to geocode using node.js.

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    I’ve spent a whole day trying to find somebody else talking about WP All Import using WP Residence.
    SO happy to find you guys!
    I’ve purchased WP All Import, but I’m having some problems with the Custom Property Details. I’m using csv file!
    When I finish to import and go to check it out, these fields are empty. Same happens with Floor Plans.
    The floor plans I had to detect them at CUSTOM FIELDS, then a key and value is required. I know the value is the code from my file but I have no idea what to put in KEY field. I’ve tried to just add the custom field finding the “plan_image”, “plan_price” and so on and then drag my values in there, but it doesn’t recognize.

    Please, help me!!!!!!

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