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How to change theme colors

How to change colors in WP Estate Theme

You can change the default colors of the theme from Theme Options – Design panel. Pick a color from the picker or insert a hex or rgb number and the color will automatically be implemented through all the website pages. You can take color codes from sites like http://kuler.adobe.com/. [alert type=”notice” close=”true”]To apply the changes first Select Use Custom Colors – Yes – Save Changes.[/alert]
  1. Background Color applies to the sidebar background color.
  2. Content Background Color applies to the main content background area.
  3. Header Background Color applies to the website header (main menu background as well).
  4. Breadcrumbs Background Color applies to footer and header breadcrumbs.
  5. Breadcrumbs Font Color applies to breadcrumbs text color.
  6. Font Color applies to text color in site (not sidebar).
  7. Link Color applies to text links in site.
  8. Headings Color applies to all headings styles (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6).
  9. Comment Font Color applies to:
    • the text in the Leave A Reply form,
    • Testimonial shortcode text,
    • featured property second line text,
    • featured agent text,
    • agent list text color,
    • agent page text color,
    • property page – agent info text color
  10. Comment Area Back Color / Agent area Color applies to:
    • background color of the Leave a Reply form,
    •  Testimonial Shortcode background,
    • featured article background,
    • featured agent background,
    • featured property background,
    • agent list page background,
    • agent page background color,
    • property page agent info and agent contact background,
    • contact page backrground color
  11. Footer Background Color applies to footer background area.
  12. Footer Font Color applies to footer text & headings.
  13. Footer Copyright Color applies Copyright text.
  14. Sidebar Widget Color applies to the background color of these widgets: mortgage calculator, search and featured listing.
  15. Top Menu Font Color applies to the Main Menu text.
  16. Top Menu hover back color applies to the second level and third level menus.
  17. Top Menu hover font color applies to  the second level and third level menus.
  18. Agent Content Border Color applies to:
    • agentborder color in column shortcodes,
    • contact page border,
    • the agent list page border color and
    • the agent page border color.
  19. Listings Content Border Color applies to:
    • the listingsborder color in column shortcodes,
    • the properties list page border,
    • property page border,
    • advanced search results page border
    • and compare page border.
  20. Blog Content Border Color applies to:
    • the blogborder color in column shortcodes,
    • blog list border and
    • blog post border.
  21. Dotted line Color is the applies to all dotted lines that are part of the design
  22. Sidebar Second font color applies to sidebar text color.
[alert type=”notice” close=”true”]Hoover links color take the border color (if it exists)[/alert] [alert type=”notice” close=”true”]Colored dotted line takes the default border color of that element.[/alert] You can use the CUSTOM CSS panel to add new colors to elements throughout the website.  For example, for the green border above the footer, copy/paste this code into CUSTOM CSS and click SAVE CHANGES. .footer_band { width: 100%; height: 10px; background-color: #297A46; }