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How to create the perfect real estate agent page

The agent about page is the second most important page on any given site, after the homepage. Your visitors will most likely check your homepage and if they’re still interested or if they’re hooked on your service or product will head over to the about page.

Why? It’s because they want to learn more about you and your services.

They want to know if they can work with you and help them with their needs. They also want to know your personal story and why you’re in the real estate business. These things instantly create a connection between you and a potential client.

Webmasters don’t give the about page the attention it deserves, and the results are often disastrous – the about page is the worst written page on most websites, regardless of the field it’s operating in. But why?

Realtors might find it awkward to talk about themselves, or they may feel uncomfortable with their story being on display for the entire world to see. One thing you need to remember is that all of your website’s pages need to be selling for you. Below are a few tips on how to create the perfect real estate agent page.

Why go through the trouble of editing your about page? Let’s check out the benefits of having a well thought out about page and the benefits of having individual agent pages.


Real estate agent page benefits

Lead generation – The about page can be an excellent source of lead generation, especially when you integrate a contact form at the middle or bottom of the page.

Great spot for testimonials – Having a few testimonials on your about page is a good way for people to get to know you and improve confidence in your business.

Personalized service – Apart from being a lead magnet and an excellent place for expressing your brand values, the about page also allows realtors to really connect with potential clients.

Niche expertise – If you have a team of agents you can create several individual about pages and focus on their knowledge or the niche in which they feel most comfortable. Having your agents focus on different real estate niches will set you apart from the competition.


View the live demo of a real estate agent page in Wp Residence


Use the first person

The third person about us pages is plain annoying. Not only does this not create a connection with the viewer, but it might also make you look arrogant or unapproachable. As a rule of thumb, you should write exactly as you would speak to somebody who is standing right in front of you.

In real life you don’t use the third person when making an acquaintance, so why would you do it on your website? By using the first person, the potential client will feel more connected, trusting and inclined to do business with you.


Be honest and be yourself

When writing the about page, you should always be honest and most importantly, be yourself. Don’t write about what you expect people to want to read, write from the heart. This should be applied to all of your marketing efforts. Honesty is a valuable commodity nowadays, and consumers are likely to pick up on it.

The about page is where you can show clients and partners who you are in real life. They want to see the real you, not the realtor in you.


Include images

A picture is always worth more than a thousand words – by including images of yourself or your team you are strengthening the connection with your viewers. You can include professional photos or personal photos, even pictures of relatives if it’s a family run business.

You can also do more than that – add photos of you and a hobby or pictures from a recent trip or city that you like. All images must answer the following question: “Who are you?” When done correctly, even a few pictures can hook your visitors and turn them into long-term clients.


Your page must be unique

If you are unique, your about page must be unique as well. Consumers are bored with a run of the mill “we are professional” about pages. Write down your story just as you lived it – that’s what makes you unique in a very competitive business. By sharing your unique story about your work and your life you are bound to get more clients.

Your about page can also be a great discussion starting point when meeting up with a lead.


Make it easy to read

If you have a long about us page, consider using plenty of white space, images, and bullets to make it easier to understand. Nobody likes big walls of text, and your potential customers are no different.

Breaking your page into sections is also a good idea. Subheadings will help readers skim through the page and find exactly what they’re looking for. Good design practices show professionalism and excellence.




Add a company timeline

Timelines are hugely popular nowadays. You can add a company or personal schedule to your about page and mark important milestones about your business. It’s a very pleasurable and fast way for visitors to take in lots of relevant information.


Introduce links and open in new tab

Introducing links to your about page is not only good for SEO but good for user experience as well. Place 3-4 links in the page, wherever it’s appropriate and set them to open in a new tab so your viewers can continue reading the about page later.



Testimonials are great on the about page, especially if accompanied by a picture of yourself with happy clients. If you have a lot of testimonials, you can create a dedicated page and link to it with the technique mentioned above.