How to integrate and organize iHomeFinder listings for better SEO

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Nowadays, real estate professionals need to offer not just property listings on their websites, but complete neighborhood maps, city maps where users can find the property of their dreams.

IDX search boxes provided by the Multiple Listing Service or MLS are generally generic and with limited search and customization capabilities.

Here is where iHomeFinder steps in – this tool will allow you easier customization and organization of your listings for better leads, better SEO and more clients.


What is iHomeFinder?

iHomeFinder is an extra WordPress plugin designed especially for real estate brokers – it integrates Multiple Listing Service property listings into your website along with all information related to that specific property such as pictures and additional information.

iHomeFinder quickly became very popular among real estate brokers simply because the tool itself is user-friendly and search bars and search results are highly customizable.

iHomeFinder takes all data from your Multiple Listing Service into the search parameters set up on your website.

iHomeFinder’s color schemes, themes, and formatting can easily blend in with your website’s design. But you must still use Ihomefinder design, properties, and features separately from any WordPress theme you choose to have on your site.

After uploading and activating the plugin into your site, you’ll be able to track any searches made through your website – this will make it much easier to get leads and potential clients.

With iHomeFinder, you’re also able to create custom reports for more natural management of your lead generation efforts.


Good searches

Most real estate brokers have subscriptions to one or more multiple listing services. By implementing IDX optimized search bars into your real estate website, those listings are sent directly to your site in an instant.

Not only that but your visitors will also get real-time updates to listings in your area of business. Once a user looks up a property or location, the search is logged in the backend of the iHomeFinder app.

This is a game changer for real estate brokers – it allows more natural high-quality lead generation and webmasters will also know what type of properties their visitors are interested in. Content and marketing efforts can be adapted to the market’s needs.


Organizing listings with iHomeFinder

We talked about the importance of customizable IDX search bars for real estate website. Now let’s see how you can organize iHomeFinder listings to boost your SEO ranking.

You should also consider integrating these features for your real estate website:

· Neighbourhood Pages
· SEO-friendly content for each page
· Interactive Area Maps
· IDX Search Box

To integrate the iHomeFinder app into your site, you can use a simple plugin. Here are a few things to keep into perspective when deciding which plugin to use:

#1 Sign up for a Multiple Listing Service for real estate brokers. There are plenty of options available, make sure you pick one that’s local or regional.

#2 Pick your plugin. There are plenty of IDX plugins available on the market. To get a better SEO rank, you should choose a plugin that allows visitor tracking and customization for lead generation, targeting, SERPs, Tags, and of course SEO.

#3 Pick a plugin that can be indexed. Most iHomeFinder plugins come with indexing capabilities, but most doesn’t mean all. The optimized search box on your real estate site gets ranked and listed on search engines through indexing – this is why it’s crucial to pick an indexable plugin.

#4 Compare different prices. iHomeFinder will cost around $50 per month, so it’s a good idea to do some research and find a more affordable plug-in.

#5 Pick the right tags & keywords. Installing iHomeFinder is the easy part. Picking the proper tags and keywords may be a little bit difficult at first if you don’t have experience with it.

Spend some time with the platform and learn how to update and change your tags and keywords to see what works and what doesn’t.

ihomefinder idx search

Integrating the IDX search box

WordPress websites are some of the easiest to use and also the most versatile. So much so that you can integrate your IDX search box without the aid of a professional or programmer. Here’s how to do it:

Step #1: Setup an MLS account. Once you register at an MLS website, just follow the instructions on how to import listings using your agent code. Once that’s done, verify that the listings you imported show up on your own website.

Step #2: Check if your listings display properly on mobile. Click on a few listings and view the photos or videos to see if they automatically resize for smartphones.

Step #3: Verify if your listings are updated. iHomeFinder offers the most comprehensive and current listings on the real estate market in real time but it never hurts to double check. Look through your listings page and make sure that the latest listings from iHomeFinder appear on your page.

Step #4: Customize & personalize your listings. Once you integrated all properties and listings, you’re able to customize your display and even add video tours. iHomeFinder offers realtors an easy guide on how to upload virtual tours to your listings.

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