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New Feature: Image slider in property unit

For 1.12 version we developed a new and exciting feature : Image slider in property unit. How this feature works. For each property we take all the images and make a bootstrap slider. Since loading times are big concern we also implemented a lazy load mechanism: in the beginning we load only the featured image for all the properties. After the page content is loaded and displayed we start loading the rest of the images without the user noticing it. property_unit_slider So far testsĀ are showing the same results for a page with property slider compared with a page that don’t have this option enabled. We still need to get clear on one item. Your advice on this matter will be appreciated Should we disable the default loading if we detect the user is on a mobile phone (in order to save bandwidth) ? Instead we can do a lazy loading when the user load the next image sliders. Feel free to share your opinion on wpestate facebook page :