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Theme updates for clients who have modified core theme files

Since we always launch new features in our updates, and the code is pretty complex, we don’t recommend doing partial updates. What we recommend is the following: 1. If possible, always work in child theme. Wordpres help: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes Child Theme keeps the changes separately and in case of an update you can easily find your code and modify (if needed to update). 2. If you must modify core theme files, keep a long with your changes. When you wish to update, first download the latest version on your computer. And compare file size for the files you modified with the new files in the theme pack. Total Commander has that for sure. There are also tools that compare code. You can use that to compare the files you modified with the files updated. If there are new changes in our core, it means you must replace your changes in the new files, after update. In time we will work on improving this part of development. But, as mentioned above, once you start modifying core theme files, partial updates imply risks.