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How to set up PayPal API

This video helps our clients to set up PayPal credentials. By following the steps in our video tutorial, our clients will be able to create the Live credentials for Live payments and the Test credentials for Sandbox payment:

For all the details of the procedure, please watch the video.


1. You need a business account

2. Keep in mind that only some PayPal countries support Credit Card (you can use STRIPE as CC payment as well) 

3. A very important aspect is to never translate LIVE or Sandbox from Theme Options-Membership and Payment Settings-Paypal API. If translated the payment method will not work.

Supported countries for CC payment: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/integration/direct/rest_api_payment_country_currency_support/#direct-credit-card-payments

3. Supported currencies, listed in Admin – Theme Options  and ready to be used after theme is installed –  https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/currency_codes/

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