Wp Estate 3.0 Videos

WP Estate – How property owner sees booking requests sent.

WP Estate – How property owner sees booking requests sent, how he approves or rejects the request.

This video tutorial shows how the property owner deals with booking requests. The owner can approve or deny a booking, also he will be notified via email about each action that is performed on one of his listings. When the owner approves a booking, an invoice will be issued. The invoice contains details like the accommodation dates, cleaning and city fee, the deposit required, the total amount that needs to be paid. If the owner wants, he can add additional fee or discounts. Once the issued invoice has been paid, the owner cannot modify any details of the booking. The owner can make bookings manually. The purpose is to show to users that some dates in the calendar are already booked. This feature comes in help when a booking has been made via phone. Please watch the video tutorial for all details.