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WP Rentals WordPress theme with Hour Rentals option now available

Features and Amenities in Search Type 4 Wp Rentals

Starting Wp Rentals 2.01, the theme is ready to be used by a broader range of rental businesses and websites.  And if you’re not sure if the theme can be used for the business plan you had in mind, check this article on Nine rental businesses that can use Rentals Theme with Booking Per Hour.

The latest update allows the renter to choose between hourly and daily booking.

In the following lines, we will review the existent options and how you can build a flexible site based on your business needs.

To select between daily, hourly or mixt booking options, access the admin dashboard and go to General Settings – Booking Settings.

Allow booking by hour or by night

The settings frame will show three different options to choose from:

  • price per day
  • price per hour for all listings or
  • a mixt option

The third button will enable the owner to select price by the hour or by day in front-end for each listing.


Hour Rentals Options

The following options will appear in front-end submission form if you select booking per hour:

Per hour label

  • Property Listing Price becomes price per hour instead of price per day.
  • A dedicated hourly calendar will appear in booking form on listing property page.
  • The label for 7+ and 30+ long term bookings will change from days to hours. The owner can set a special price if the customer books more than 7 or 30 hours.
  • The owner can introduce a different hourly price for Weekends. The price will show in Hourly Calendar on front-end booking form and in Price Details


Fees and discounts

  • Cleaning fee: this field can be filled in or left blank. The owner can calculate the rate as a single fee, a price per hour or guest.
  • City fee: same as above
  • The owner can set minimum hours of booking, and the customer can’t make reservations for fewer hours than required.
  • Security deposit: this field is available for hourly booking if the owner wishes to have a proof of intent. The sum can be refunded through the theme only if site admin implements the Payment Management ADDON available just in RentalsClub.
  • Early bird discount: the owner can cut a percentage out of the hourly price if the client books with a minimum number of days in advance. The discount will show in front-end booking invoice.


Extra options and custom fields

  • The Extra Guest price label will change from day to hour, so the price per guest per day/night becomes per guest per hour.
  • The option to select Business hours (start & end hour) will allow booking requests between those hours.
  • Extra Options: the owner can add custom fields specific to the rentals business he manages and adds rates for additional items per hour, per guest, per hour per guest or as a single fee. These rates will also show in the total invoice sum in front-end.
  • There is also the custom prices field. The owner can change hourly prices for a certain period. This will also show in Booking Calendar on front-end and reflect in total sum.


Mixt Option – Let Owner Choose between Price per hour or price per day

The next significant change will show in front-end submission form if you select the Mixt Option: In Add New Listing – Price, the owner will get Booking Price Type drop-down. The property owner can choose from booking per day/night or booking per hour for each property.

Owner chooses between price per hour or price per day

If booking per hour is selected, the property owner will get the same fields as reviewed above. See live examples on Ski Rental demo.

If the Daily Booking option is selected, users will see the booking with daily prices – see more examples on Main Demo.

The booking calendar in owner dashboard doesn’t support manual bookings, as opposed to the daily booking system. Nevertheless, there is the option to import/export iCal feeds to synchronize bookings between various rental platforms.

To do this go to – Add Property -Calendar, copy the listing iCalendar feed to export or import the feed and click save. The iCalendar ensures you will offer accurate hourly booking info to your customers.