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WP Residence 1.06 – How Admin and User attach PDF files to a property

For Wp Residence properties you can attach images, which show in the property slider, and PDF documents, which show in the property description area.

While admin manages how many images are allowed to be submitted with a property (and he can also choose to create membership packages with a fixed number of photos allowed per listing), for PDF documents there is no limit. Users simply choose the PDF documents from their computer and upload using the media uploader.

The PDF attachments are listed in the Description area, under “Documents” title, as seen in this screenshot from the main demo:

How Admin and user attach PDF file to a property

This video tutorial shows how to attach PDF files.

Admin must follow these steps to attach a PDF file to a property from the backend area:

  • Edit the Property page;
  • Go to Add Media button and open the media uploader;
  • Select the PDF file and close the media uploader;
  • Update/save the page.

The user needs to follow these steps to attach a PDF file to a property:

  • Select the property you want to attach the PDF file to;
  • Edit the property and press Select Media button;
  • Select the PDF file and upload until you see the PDF logo showing;
  • Save the changes.

The Admin and user can both add as many PDF files as they want, and they can delete these from their account at any time.

PDF documents are very useful when you wish to upload to a property diverse real estate brochures, audit results or other documents attesting the property quality. Users are interested in reading all these details, so you should consider publishing every piece of information related to a property. The more details, the easiest it is to get the visitors attention and determine them to use the contact form for further information.