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WP Residence version 1.0.5 – Check Out the Change-log Details

Spiderfy in Close View

WP Residence v 1.0.5 was launched in September 2014.

We have added new and interesting features :

  • Save Search and Email Alert for new properties
  • Spiderfy for pins in the same location on Google Maps;

  • Sub-categories in Advanced Search, Advanced Search shortcode and Advanced Search widget for custom taxonomies (City, Area, Type, Category) and number of properties listed for each category and sub-category listed under custom taxonomies

About Save Search

An awesome new feature to help your users to be permanently informed. With Save Search, registered users will be able to save their searches and see all of them in User Dashboard – Save Search page. They will receive an email each time a new listing (according to user’s saved search) will be published on the website.

Admin can control whether or not emails are sent daily or weekly.

About Spiderfy for Google Pins

When more than one property is placed in the same place, usually pins are on top of the other and you can’t see them. But not in WP Residence. With this new update, you can easily add properties in the same location (like flats in the same building).

Users will be able to see easily that there is more than 1 property with one click. A spider net will show with all the pins in that location and by click user can click on every pin and be redirected to the property page for more info.

This feature will help the landlords that have more than one apartment in a block. They will be able to list all their properties and to show them easily on the map.

About sub-categories management

Starting WP Residence V1.05 we allow admin to organize custom property categories with sub-categories in Advanced Search, Advanced Search shortcode, and Advanced Search widget. This option is enabled for all 4 custom categories: Category, Area, Type, and City.

Next to each category you can now see the number of properties listed for each category and sub-category.

If you wish to check all the new features we added to Wp Residence theme for the past months – be sure to check this exclusive presentation page