WpEstate – The Original Real Estate Theme

Wp Estate was the first real estate theme developed by our company in 2012. Since the launch, we have continuously updated the core with new features, including a complete theme re-design to match the newest design trends.

In the latest version, you will find over 300 theme options to modify the theme search settings, property details, design elements and more.

Over 3,000 clients have been using the WpEstate theme for the past 5 years, and its popularity is constantly growing.

There are 4 demos available to showcase the different options you can use, each fully customizable. Choose a demo, import with 1 click and start editing. Read below to see more about this powerful theme settings and options.

Four Demos with 1 click import !

Choose one of the demos available, import demo with 1 click, and start building your website right away.


Works with these plugins

The theme includes compatibility with the following plugins (Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Ultimate Addons are included)


Property Page Designs

Create a beautiful property page with any of the available options. No matter what you choose, your design will be successful for sure.


Property Page with Vertical Slider

The property images slider has several variations. You can choose to go with the vertical thumb slider design, which allows users to browse through the thumbs from a list on the right, in order to find a specific photo they like.


Property Page with Horizontal Slider

Or you can choose to show the slider with horizontal thumbs positioned below the images, which also allows you to easily browse through the available images. This design includes a larger agent photo on the right side of the slider.


Property Page with Subunits

If you have more properties from the same building, you can attach them as subunits to a property of your choice. Subunits will show on the parent property, as well as on the other subunits pages. Properties (building and subunits) are available in theme search as well.


Property Page with Masonry Gallery

The property images slider can be replaced with a beautiful image gallery, that shows by default 6 photos, allowing to browse through all the images available on click.


Property Page with Full Width Header Slider

If you wish to highlight your properties images from first view, you can select a full header slider as your property slider option. The full-header images will look beautiful on any screen resolution as long as the images uploaded are large in size (min 1920 px width recommended)


Property Page with Content as Tabs

Keep your users focused on your content and display the property information structured in tabs, so they can easily go from one section to another without having to scroll down the page.

Property Page Features

Create a powerful real estate platform, with support for save favorites, print property, share on social media and more

4 Property Gallery Options

Highlight your property images in an elegant way with one of the 4 gallery styles available: a slider with horizontal or vertical thumbs, full-header slider or gallery style image list.

Virtual Tour

The theme includes support for a 360° virtual tour, so you can showcase the best of your house with the latest advertising tools available on the market.

Save Favorite Property

Each property features a Save Favourite button, accessible from the property page or the listing unit. Users must register in order to save the listing and easily find it in their account at any time.

Share Property

The theme includes support for the most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest, which allows users to easily share the property url with just one click.

Agent Contact Form

You can use the theme contact form, or create a contact form of your choice with Contact Form 7. The form will send emails directly to the agent email address attached to the property.

Walk Score API

Add your own WalkScore API and the rating will automatically show for all properties based on each location. A link to Walkscore is included, in order to check more details about the walkability of your address.

YELP - What's Nearby

Add the YELP API in theme admin, select which categories you wish to display and how many items per category, choose the distance to show in miles or km and these details will automatically be listed for each property.

Google Street View

You can enable the possibility to show the Street View of each property, and select the street view camera angle, which will appear as an option on the Google Maps which lists the property marker, details, and location.

Search Form Display

For each property, you can choose to show the Search form as floating, or in a fixed position, and for the first option you can choose a specific margin-top alignment.

Upload PDF documents

You can upload unlimited PDF documents to a property, which will show as a list right after the description area. Each document can be opened in a new page, to be saved or read.

Floor Plans

The theme includes support for floor plans, and you can add as many of them as you wish. Each floor plan includes an image and some details. Users can easily switch from one floor plan to another as they display in tabs.

Similar Listings

At the end of the property page, users can see Similar Listings, which include properties matching the same category, type and city. The list can show max 3 latest listings, order by their published date.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Additional to the theme default fields, you can add your own custom fields: drop-down, number input, text input and date format. You can edit their order in list at any time.

Google Map Marker

For each property, you can include the Google Map location, with the property marker and details included. The map can be positioned in the header or in content.

Private Note

To add details about a property you don’t wish to make public, you can use a dedicated hidden form which only admin or property owner (if the listing is added in front-end) can see.

Property Currency

The theme has support for the following currency related details: the currency symbol and its position (before or after price), and price thousand separators (ex: 1,000 or 1 000 or 1.000 etc)

Property Taxonomies

You can add from admin area your own categories and types (and for these, you can upload your own custom map markers too), as well as your property cities, areas and states (these last 3 can be saved also with front submissions)

Unlimited Features and Amenities

For each property, you can check which features and amenities to display. This list is fully managed by admin. You can also select whether you wish to show all features and amenities (including the ones un-checked) or just those checked.

Property Status

On each property card, you can list a specific property status (such as sold, new, open house, etc). These labels added by admin, and the list is available as a drop-down in each property. Each status can be customized with your own chosen colors.

Print PDF Management

A print property button exists on each property page, and the print elements are managed from the admin area (you can select what elements to show or not in the print copy with a simple click).

Sidebar Management

For all your properties you can set a global sidebar (which you populate with your own widgets from admin area), and a global sidebar position (left, right or none).

Property Subunits

The theme includes subunits support, and these show on the property page right after the property slider. These are properties which visitors can find also in search results.

Tabs or Accordion

The theme design options for property page include the possibility to choose between Tabs or Accordion style for the property details elements (description, details, google map, virtual tour etc)

Number of Views

Show your visitors how many views each property has with a daily views graphic, which you can turn on and off from admin area.

Advanced Property Search System

The WpEstate offers you a versatile search system, with Ajax filtering over the map, custom property fields support in search, a price slider management, and many more.

WpEstate offers you a versatile search system, with features developed exclusively for our real estate themes. You can add custom property fields in search: drop-down, text input, number input or date fields. You can also set a number of search fields of your choice, choose between 6 search type designs, and much more.

The entire search system works with AJAX filtering, the latest technique that lets clients get instant results as they select their search options. It also allows your visitors to easily change the search criteria without leaving the page.

Registered visitors can save their searches in their user dashboard and get email notifications when new properties matching their criteria are published.

Advanced Search Type 1

Search type 1 can be easily placed in a fixed position, after header media, or as floating over the header media and you manage the margin-top value. The search forms (header, shortcode, widget, mobile and half map search forms) sync with the custom fields you add in theme options, and the number of fields you select to show.

Advanced Search Type 2

Search type 2 comes with default search fields: an auto-complete field for State, City, and Area and 2 drop-down style fields for property category and type. This search will show in the header and on the classic search results page. The rest of search forms sync with the fields you set in theme options.

Advanced Search Type 3

Search type 3 form has 2 hardcoded fields (a type field for City, State, Area or Address) and a drop-down for all property types. The search can be completed with your own custom fields, which show when enlarging the search from a dedicated button. Search type 3 shows in header media only. The rest of the forms show only the custom fields added in theme options.

Advanced Search Type 4

Search type 4 includes 3 hardcoded fields (a title keyword field, and 2 drop-down for category and type), and to these, you can add other custom fields from admin options. The fields you set in admin area show when expanding the search form. This header style shows only in the header area. The rest of search forms will show the fields you select from theme options.

Advanced Search Type 5

Header type 5 is a design variation of search type 1, with a different search button design and position. This search syncs all the fields with those you add from theme options. Same for the number and order of fields.

Advanced Search Type 6

This search supports Tabs, and you can select what names to show in each tab from property categories, types, cities, and areas lists. For each tab, you can select a specific minimum and maximum price values to show in the price slider.

Advanced Search Features

WpEstate comes with a powerful and versatile search system with different search design options, allowing you to create a modern and user-friendly real estate platform.

Unlimited Search Custom Fields

The theme supports property custom fields: drop-down, number, text and date format. These fields can be added to advanced search as well. Text and Number fields will behave as input style fields. For number fields, you can choose to show results that are equal, greater or smaller than the value selected.

Default Search Fields

In the search options you can add any of these default fields to search: State, City, Area, Category, Type (these are dropdowns), Rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms (these can be dropdowns or input style fields), Property Size, Property Lot Size (these are input style fields), title Keyword, Property Zip / Postcode (input style field), property price (can be a slider or input style).

Unlimited Amenities Checkbox

In theme options, as admin you can add your own features and amenities for all properties. From this list, you can select as many as you wish to display in the search form. The features you check will show under “More Search Options” link, on all the possible search forms (header, mobile, shortcode, widget, and half map list).

Unlimited Search Fields No

When using search form custom fields, you can add in theme options how many fields to show, and how many fields to show per row (2, 3 or 4 are possible selections). The order of fields is chosen by you when creating the form as well.

AJAX Search

When using the search form over header set to Google Map, the property results are automatically filtered on the map. In the Half Map list page, searching with AJAX is used to show on the same page the results in the Google Map and in the list.

Search Position Control

The search form in the header is managed from theme options. You can set the search form to show before or after header media, or you can set it in floating mode. For the 2nd option, you can choose the margin-top from theme admin.

Multi-currency widget and Price search

From theme options, you can add a multi-currency widget, and for this widget, you can choose what currencies to show, and what is the conversion value based on the default currency. The selection applies also for the search price slider.

9 Advanced Search Types

The theme offers 6 variations for the search type, 3 options to set the form position in the header, and custom fields support. With all the various options available, is extremely easy to design your real estate website and be sure it’s a successful one.

Price Slider Options

Property price can be added to search form as a slider, or as an input style field (and you can choose to have a field for Min Price and one for Max Price). For the price slider you control what are the minimum and maximum values.

Save search & Email alert

Allow visitors to save their searches and get an email alert (daily or weekly) if new properties published match their chosen search criteria.  Searches can be deleted from user dashboard at any time.

Advanced Search Results Sort Options

The standard search results page template includes a SORT option that allows to filter results by their publish date, bedrooms (min or max first), bathrooms (min or max first), and by price (low or high first).

State, City and Areas Connection

The theme includes the option to create a dependency between an Area/Neighborhood and a City. When areas are attached to a city, in all the dropdowns you see only the Areas from a selected City.

Search Results Custom Url

When selecting specific search fields and landing on the search results, you can easily see what fields were selected. There is a unique URL created for each search as well, which can be used to be shared with other users. The searched fields and the matching results are available on that url as long as the search fields stay the same.

Advanced Search results page

For the Advanced Search Results page, you can choose to show a standard template (where you can manage sidebar and header media by editing the page), or the Half Map list style template (which shows the map on the right and results on the left).

Search Color Management

The search form can be easily customized with your own colors and fonts. There is also an option to manage the background opacity if you wish to create a special design for the form showing in the header. The available options allow you to create a design that fully matches your brand.

Optimised search for thousands of properties

The theme has been optimized to support thousands of properties, including when using the advanced search form for a larger number of properties. There are specific settings to optimize the map speed as well, depending on your server capabilities.

Property List Pages

The theme comes with all the options you need to create beautiful lists, while your visitors can easily search and find the properties they’re looking for.


Property List with Grid View style and Sidebar on the left

This property list template can have a sidebar positioned on the left, on the right, or none at all. Sidebars allow you to add extra widgets with various information.


Property List with List View cards and Sidebar on the left

The property units can be set globally to show as grid or list. This example shows you how the list units display in the Property List template.


Property List with List View style and Sidebar on the right

Check below the beautiful appearance of a list page with sidebar positioned on the right. Keep in mind widgets and sidebars are fully managed by you from theme admin. This is just an example.


Half Map – Grid Style Property Cards

The Properties List Half Map template shows the map with property markers on the right, while on the left you can see the list of properties. The filters on top work with AJAX, and they can be configured by you directly from theme options.

AJAX Filters

The properties list templates include different AJAX filtering system, making properties search extremely easy.


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15+ Header Style Options

There are 2 header types with various logo position option settings, transparent header option, Mega Menu integration, and a few more, all meant to help you design a beautiful website.

Mobile Menu

You can create a custom mobile menu for smaller devices, which shows only for smaller screen resolutions. The mobile menu colors are managed from theme admin.

Transparent Header

WpEstate includes the option to set a transparent background for the menu area. This creates an elegant effect when you use an image or slider as header media.

Top Bar Widget Area

There is a dedicated top bar widget area that can be enabled/disabled from admin. Displays widgets such as text, multi-currency, social accounts, which you set from admin.

Logo Management

All logos can be easily changed with your own from theme options. You have settings for header logo, sticky logo, transparent menu logo and mobile logo.

Design Options

Top bar widget and menu area colors are fully managed from admin. You can change background, text and hover colors with just a few clicks.

Mega Menu

You can also activate Mega Menu, with custom widgets and font awesome icons support. The menus can be structured on 3 or 4 columns.

User Login / Register

Users can submit properties after they register. The “Submit Property” will show the login/register modal on click, and full user dashboard menu when registered.


There are 6 different hover design types to choose from for the header menu area. The colors for each hover design is managed from theme admin.

Header Type 1 – Left Align


Header Type 1 – Right Align


Header Type 1 – Center


Header Type 1 – Transparent


Transparent Header with Mega Menu


Header Type 2


Header Type 2 – Left Align


Header Type 2 – Right Align


Transparent Header


Transparent Header Type 2 with Mega Menu


Social Login

From admin you can enable login via Facebook, Google, or Yahoo (each can be turned on/off). The buttons show in the login modal. Users select their login choice, they login with google / Facebook or yahoo, accept sharing their account details, and the theme registers the username/email of the user based on their Gmail, Yahoo or Facebook details, without having to type or get a password.

Media Header Options

You can set global or per page header settings with options such as customized Google Maps, or a full-screen header with an image, Slider Revolution or property theme slider.

Google Map with Custom Markers, Custom Infobox and Ajax Filtering


Google Map with Price Markers, Custom Infobox and Ajax Filtering


WpEstate Theme Slider


Revolution Slider in Header


Image Header


User Dashboard

The theme allows to fully manage property submissions from the front end. Users can add or edit listings, check their favorite properties and more.


You allow users to register and submit/edit properties from the front end. The submit form is fully managed by admin, and you choose what fields to show and which are mandatory.


The properties saved as favorite are listed in user dashboard – My Favorites page. The listings are easily accessed or deleted from this page, based on user’s needs.

Users / Agents Sync

You can enable the option for new users to have an instant agent profile created. The details added in Profile automatically sync with agent page details. Properties added/edited sync as well.


Saved searches show in the user account on a dedicated page. An email is sent everytime new properties matching search criteria are published. The user can delete the search if no longer receives the notification.

Submission Page Management

Admin can manage the submission page from directly from theme options. You can select what fields to show, and what fields are mandatory. The properties custom fields are added to this list too, same for the features and amenities.


You can charge users to have their property published on your platform by setting a fixed price for each listing submission. Additional, you can charge an extra fee for the property to be set as featured.


OR, you can charge users by membership package. The packages are created from admin with a specific duration, no of listings and featured properties. Users are prompted to buy a package in order to publish properties. You can set a free membership as well.


Payments are processed through PayPal and Stripe merchants (these work in specific countries). You can also enable Wire Transfer, for offline payments, in which case the money are transferred to admin’s bank account and he approves the invoice manually.

User & Agent

The theme has specific options for managing users and agents. Read below for full specs.

User / Agent Registration Sync

You can choose to allow your new users to register and have their own agent profile created automatically. The profile details added in front, and the properties submitted or edited from front dashboard sync with the agent profile created on registration.

Agents created from Admin

This option enables you to create new agent profile page from admin, in which case the agent is attached to each property manually. This is available for clients who choose not to use front submission or for agencies who wish to show their agents contact details for properties submitted by users.

Agent Profile

Agent profile page shows agent details, contact information, and the properties attached to his name. The contact form sends messages directly to the agent email address. You can use the theme form or Contact Form 7 form. If you choose to show Google Maps on agent profile, only agent properties are listed on the map.

Duplicate Email for Theme Contact Form

To receive a duplicate of all the messages sent through the theme contact form, you can set an email address in theme options for this purpose. This makes it easy for admin to manage the inquiries sent through the website and oversee agents’ activity (if the owner is an agency).


Agents Page

The agent profile is a unique page that shows agent information. The page can be set to have a sidebar, on left, right or none. The sidebar can be populated with widgets selected from admin.


Agent List

You can list all agents on a single page with pagination. The agents are listed by their published date, the newest first. You can choose a specific sidebar for this page template, and place it on the right, left or disable it completely. The widgets for the sidebar are managed by admin.

Tablet & Mobile Ready

WpEstate is fully adaptable to all screen resolutions, including mobile devices. The design automatically changes based on screen size, to fit smaller screens. For better responsive usability, there is a specific Mobile Menu, User Login/Register, and a specific mobile advanced search.

Money & Payments

Monetize your real estate website built with WPEstate by using the membership system with recurring payments or by pay per listing option. Both options work with Paypal, Stripe or Direct Wire Transfer.


Create your membership package offer and set the number of listings and featured listings, and the package duration (in days, weeks, months or years). You can turn off package visibility if you choose to end the offer, but this will not affect existing clients who may have purchased it.


An alternative to Membership is Pay Per listing. This option allows you to set a fixed price for each property to be published on your website, and an additional fee for the listing to be featured. The user must pay before the property is published manually or automatically.

Recurring Payments

Membership Packages have a dedicated checkbox for the recurring option, which means that if a user checks it before purchasing a paid package, the payment will automatically be processed by PayPal or Stripe when package expires.


Payments can be processed in any currency supported by the merchants (PayPal or Stripe). The currency is selected from theme options from a drop-down with all known possible currencies. For Wire Transfer you can define the currency you wish in a dedicated field.

PayPal Payments

PayPal payments are enabled easily. Simply add your API Details in theme options following the help instructions. Once this step is done, you can start collecting money into your account using regular or recurring payments.

Stripe Payments

Stripe is the biggest credit card payment processor. It expands continuously to new countries and supports payments in any currency. Just register for an account, add your API details and you’re set to start receiving payments.


With Wire Transfer you define the payment details in theme options. Users will get an email notification with the payment details after requesting to pay for the package or paid listing. Admin confirms payment and manually activates the invoice from admin.

Invoice System

Every transaction for Membership Package or Paid listing / Featured Listing registered on the website and can be accessed from user dashboard – My Invoices at any time.


300+ Theme Options

An extremely flexible WordPress theme, WpEstate gives you the options to control most of the theme options, from search fields to property custom fields and more.

Property page Settings

For property page, you can choose unlimited custom fields added to the default fields. You can set your own features and amenities, define your own categories, types, property status, cities, areas, states and several options more.

Google Maps Settings

Manage your Google Map look from colors and size to the Map default location, and other custom features. Choose how to display property markers (image or price pins), when to show the map cluster that lists the number of properties in proximity and more. There is also spiderfy support for pins in the same location.

Design & Colors Options

You can manage the theme colors and logos from theme options. There are dedicated design settings for the footer and the header as well. The colors are easily selected from a color picker, and you can modify them at any time.

Payment Details

WpEstate is a powerful real estate theme allowing you to create a modern and beautiful website and also a money making tool. You can monetize your real estate website by charging property listings. A truly versatile theme that you can use as you need it for your business model.

Appearance Options

You have several appearance display options, starting with the site default view (wide or boxed) and the number of properties to show per page. Choose how to show the property unit cards (list or grid), the aspect of taxonomies and search results pages (standard list or half map), and many more.

Advanced Search Options

You have several options to manage advanced search, from different search types to adding your own custom search fields, features and amenities. The search design and position is fully managed from theme admin as well.

Social & Contact Details

The theme comes with a default page template for the Contact page. Details such as the Google Map location of your office, your company logo and social media accounts, are set directly from the theme options.

Email Management & More

The theme has many options in admin to help manage your website. You can edit Email Notifications text from Email Management, Export / Import theme options easily, add Recaptcha on registration forms and many more. Check the screenshot for more information.

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