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WP Residence v1.07 was launched on November 18. For this new version we have prepared new awesome functionality for Real Estate projects: Stripe Payment, auto-complete for Address info in property submit, unique property ID in property and advanced search and many more. We invite you to go through our presentation video and to read more about the new features below.

Most important additions are listed below:

  • STRIPE Merchant for payments (Paid Listing and Membership);
  • Submission Form Address changed to Auto-complete from Google Maps;
  • Forgot Password in User Menu and  Login/Register widget;
  • Autoscroll option for Recent Items Slider shortcode;
  • Property Unique ID;
  • Added 1 new taxonomy for State/County;
  • Search with auto-complete for My Properties list (in user dashboard).

STRIPE Merchant for Paid Listing and Paid Membership


In WP Residence 1.07, additional to PayPal payments, we now support STRIPE merchant , which is for Credit card payments. Stripe can process CC payments in almost any currency and gives flexibility to users to pay on the fly, without them needing an extra account with a payment merchant, like PayPal.

We have added Stripe merchant  for Paid Listings and  for Paid Membership Packages.

There is an On/Off control for Stripe and Paypal merchants in Theme Options.

Also, the Admin is in full control of the payment methods. He can choose if he want use both, Stripe and Paypal or only one of them.

Help link – http://help.wpresidence.net/#!/stripe 

Submission Form Address Changed to Auto-Complete from Google Maps

Starting v 1.07 the submission form – address fields have modified. Now we have less fields and all of them can fill in based on the Address you select. The address uses Google Maps auto-complete. You have to start typing the address, and a dropdown with all possible options will display.

This will help users to fill in the address fields much more fast and it will help them to avoid the spelling mistakes.

If the address has too much information, or less, users can always type manually the details (as it was before)

This is a great update also for Admin, as new City and Area will be now added and linked automatically on property save. He will not need to fill in these details from wp-admin. Same applies for the new taxonomy added, County/State.

Forgot Password in User Menu and Login/Register Widget

Starting WP Residence v1.07 Forgot Password form exists in 2 new locations: header User Menu  and in the Login/Register Widget.

Auto Scroll Option for the Recent Items Slider Shortcode


At our clients request the Recent Items slider (which you can use for Properties and Blog Posts) has a new settings: auto scroll control in seconds.

You can control the number of seconds from the shortcode settings. You can still choose no auto-scroll  if that is your preference.

You can see a demo at this URL: http://wpresidence.net/homepage-v2/

Property Unique ID in Advanced Search

Until version 1.07 we have offered support to add a field for Property ID in property page and Search which is filled in manually by Admin or user. Help –  http://help.wpresidence.net/#!/searchidmanual 

Our clients have asked us to create support for an automatic Property ID added on publish. With this version you have this option included in the Theme Options – Advanced Search custom fields. Help – http://help.wpresidence.net/#!/searchid

Added 1 New Category Taxonomy for Property State/County


From WP Residence V1.07 there is a new taxonomy for State/County. This list can be completed from admin area, or people add new counties/states when they submit properties and these are saved.

This new drop down for counties/states can be added in Advanced Search – Custom Fields.

Help – http://help.wpresidence.net/#!/advsearchfields

Search with Auto-Complete for My Properties List (in User Dashboard)

If your users will have many properties submitted they will need a tool to easily search for a property from their user dashboard. For this reason we have implemented this auto-complete search in My Properties custom page template which applies only for the properties submitted by that user.

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  • John


    I am considering buying this theme. I have an XML file to create the listings. Does this theme easily support this (using WP ALL IMPORT)? Thank you.


    • Anna

      Hi John

      We recommend WP ALL IMPORT as some clients used that successfully. This plugin has many features and you can hire/ask for support if you need assistance to import the xml.

      Thank you

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