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Wp Residence Video Tutorials
If PayPal does not work please check the following:

-only one Payment Processor page with template Paypal Processor can be created. If there is a duplicate of this page, PayPal will not work. You need to clear the Trash as well.

-you need to have values different than 0 for “Price Per Submission” and “Price to make the listing featured”, if “Per Listing” mode is enabled.

Important! PayPal doesn’t work if in membership packages titles use punctuation. You need to be sure that you add the sandbox credentials when the sandbox mode  is enabled and the live credentials when the live mode is enabled.

Please watch the video tutorial for all the details.

Wp Residence Video Tutorials
Starting WP Residence 1.092 , this best seller theme supports a new payment method, Wire Transfer for Paid Listing and Membership Package. This is an offline payment method and does not require any API. On our site Wire transfer can be used by members/agents to pay their packages/submissions to admin. Wire transfer is set-up once in theme options with admin details. Wire transfer allows users to receive payments directly in their bank account.

The same option has been added to WpEstate 4.0 version

What we shown in this video tutorial:
– How to set-up Wire Transfer
– How to add your own currency in Membership Settings Note: If the new added currencies isn’t supported by one  of another two merchants or both you need to deactivate them.
– How Wire Transfer works  for Paid Listing and Membership Package
– After a member paid a listing or bought a membership package an email is send to them with all details and instructions. – – – Invoices are easily tracked by ID and changed to “paid” by admin.
– Once invoice is marked as paid the package or paid listing is activated as if user has paid via Stripe or PayPal.
– The price user will need to pay via wire transfer is included in the message user receives after submitted the button.

Please see video tutorial for all details.