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7 Blog Topics to Help You Turn Your blog into a lead-generation machine

For real estate agents, having an active blog is a strong marketing tactic. By keeping an ongoing conversation with your clients, you will maintain a substantial presence on the internet. Updating your blog constantly is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. It will help you stand out as an expert in your field, it will improve your site SEO, and will generate leads that will hopefully convert to sales.

It can be quite challenging to come up with interesting articles again and again. We recommend that you shift focus from keywords to your audience. Every topic on your blog should be relevant to your readers. Keep your niche audience interest with subjects that they find helpful: from industry trends to decorating ideas for new homeowners

With our themes building a blog is easy. You just need to find the right topics to write about for your customers. We have gathered for you seven useful real estate blog topics that will attract prospective clients:


Talk about the local market

As an active member of your community, you will surely keep up with local events. The sources range from local newspapers to social media and your offline network.

Why not write about these local area happenings and keep a calendar on your blog? Announce important future essential events and report on the ones attended to establish yourself as a local authority.

Write about the best value properties on the market and local real estate trends: the home sales curb and the factors that influence sales, such as mortgage rates.

Work your professional network and get in touch with local business to promote each other through a blog and social posts. Get in touch with real estate developers and write about an up-and-coming neighborhood in your area to arouse interest.

Show your social engagement and talk about the institutions in your area such as high performing schools and community economic aspects that will interest new buyers: property taxes, job opportunities, transportation, etc.

You can find fresh resources for local topics on forum websites that show questions and interests of your potential audience: TripAdvisor, City-Data, Facebook, and even Yahoo Answers.



Promote the best spots in your city/area

Write about the best your area has to offer to a new buyer; it is a great way to promote your business. Your buyers love to have fun and relax so this is an easy topic.

Talk about what will interest your niche audience: local getaway trips, parks for family recreation or hiking, tennis or golf courses, schools, hospitals etc. Depending on your target customers list the best restaurants for organic food or for pizza, unique coffee shops, dance clubs or other fun places to go after work.


Write specific articles for your niche audience

Your blog should include materials that are relevant to your target customers. If your prospective buyers or renters are newlyweds or new parents, list the available activities for children in the area such as summer camps or swimming pools.

Address the needs of your clients with pets and provide useful info. They will be interested to know about good vets in the area or a pet hotel where they can leave their cat or dog if they take a vacation.

For first-time buyers you could provide a Q&A post with all the questions buyers asked you over the past year. Provide answers to their typical questions. Follow up with an email linking to this blog post.

Get inspiration from successful real estate blogs – such as Spaces to Places.

Write a blog about local services, restaurants, hospitals


Write about your business

This type of article should not be a sales copy, but instead, tell people about your expertise in a subtle way. Provide useful tips on renovations, maintenance and home staging for photoshoots.

Testimonials are always a key promoting tool, therefore include an article about a recent sale with reviews from happy customers. A great incentive would be an interview with your recent home buyers to find out their impression of the city/area.

Talk about what makes you unique: if you activate in a real estate niche or you use different software for your business. You could also brag about the received awards in your field.

Introduce new listings and open houses listings to your readers. They will want to know about your latest offer and promotions.

Blog Topics - Write about your business


Present real estate predictions and trends

People love to know what the future holds. This topic is particularly attractive for real estate customers due to the nature of their investment.

Write about the real estate trends in the next couple of years. For local market research the planned infrastructure or housing development projects to make a real predicament.

Write about the critical factors that will influence the real estate market in the future such as the ever-expanding technology.


Publish a real estate glossary

Make things more comfortable for your readers and explain real estate terms and phrases so they are easy to understand. You will find excellent explanations on the web page of The National Association of Realtors (NAR). You could place a link to the real estate glossary or use it to create weekly posts.

Other real estate topics that need their articles are mortgages. A great resource is the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau providing useful info for understanding mortgages.


Discuss current social topics

Keep your blog fresh by including topics that are popular on social media. Refer to pop culture in your articles and entertain your readers with fun posts.

Write about the effects a breaking news story could have on the local estate market. For relocating clients list helpful online resources such as doctors, schools, churches, libraries, community centers and ask them to link back to you.

Remember that a blog is just one of the 6 most important pages in your site. Check here the full list of pages you should have in your real estate website.