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How to Generate Real Estate Leads – 13 Straightforward Tips


Real estate lead generation is a tough cookie to crack even for experienced marketers. When dealing with such a dynamic environment, it can become harder to stay ahead of the competition and create a stable sales funnel. Luckily enough, we are here to provide you with the best real estate lead generation ideas and provide answers to a question realtors have had on their mind since the dawn of time – “how to generate real estate leads?”


1. Have a consistent brand message

Given the plethora of social media websites available, it can become harder for realtors to maintain a constant brand message across the board. Keep in mind that regardless of the number of social media accounts, you will have to keep your message clear – this means keeping your colors, description, the tone of voice and logo the same everywhere. Confusing your clients with different messages will lead to fewer leads and a lower ROI.


2. Build a versatile website

When it comes to getting more real estate leads, WordPress is probably the best option you could go for – the versatility of the platform allows for quick implementation of different solutions and features such as forms, A/B testing, testimonials, video, e-books, you name it! These options can significantly increase the number of leads you’re getting through your website. If you want to build a real estate website on your own, WordPress is the platform you want to go for – you don’t have to be extremely tech-savvy, mainly since you can use a real estate WordPress theme.

Here are a few tips on building your very own real estate website:

  •  Keep it simple and easy to use – nobody likes a low or overwhelming webpage
  • Great content means more leads – keeping your site updated with original content will help your users and help your SEO
  • Your website must be mobile friendly
  • Testimonials, videos and user perks will help you generate more leads
  • Your site must be SEO friendly



3. Get a free Android & IOS app for your band

Android or IOS apps for real estate are more accessible than ever nowadays. Say goodbye to substantial development prices for apps by using a service where you can build your app for free! You are charged a monthly fee for every app you create and host, but with prices as low as $28 a month, it’s a bargain.


4. Offer valuable content on your website

A great idea to boost your real estate leads is to offer your users and potential customers market reports directly on your website. Buyers and homeowners in the research phase are always hungry for more information which can help them make a better decision. Simply add a market report tied to a contact form on your website and wait for the leads to start pouring in. You can couple this strategy with a few complementary campaigns:

  • Content & optimization for SEO rank
  • AdWords Campaign
  • Facebook Campaign


5. Improve engagement with live chat

Contact forms and visible contact information works excellent, but only up to a point. By adding a live chat feature on your website, you’re bound to increase engagement and lead generation. If you’re building a WordPress real estate website, installing a live chat feature is very easy and accessible. LiveChat and are some of the best live chat plugins available on the market.


6. Focus on Retargeting

Remarketing or retargeting means that users who have visited your website at one point and left are being shown ads on other sites or Facebook. This is very useful since sometimes users are undecided whether they want to buy a service or not. If they change their mind, you’ll be there for them.


7. Keep your Blog updated

Keeping your Blog updated with exciting and relevant content is also an excellent way to generate more leads, primarily if you can interact more closely with potential clients. Ask questions, provide answers and relevant information and soon enough leads will start pouring in.



8. Optimize & A/B test Landing Pages

Having a good conversion rate is essential for any website. A/B testing your landing pages can boost your conversion rate and campaign ROI.


9. Advertise on Bing

Bing is the world’s second largest search engine, after Google of course. Don’t just optimize your website for Bing – use it to drive traffic to your site through advertising. The great thing about this scenario is that Bing offers lower prices since most advertisers flock to Google for their campaigns.


10. Offer free home valuations

Homeowners looking to sell can have trouble finding out the real value of their property. Here’s where you come in – offer a free home valuation for potential sellers in exchange for their contact information. You can use your developer to create this feature or use a service such as Real Geeks which can do it for you.



11. Get a few worthy backlinks

Partnering up with another website for backlinks is a good idea not only because of the traffic you’re bound to get but also due to the boost in SEO rank. The most valuable links are from websites with similar content and similar users. Avoid though directories and spammy links. 


12. Partner up with other websites

Redfin, for example, boasts 8 million monthly users – you can tap into this source of potential clients by becoming a partner agent. In exchange for sending you traffic, they receive a 30% commission.


13. Specialize your brand

Specializing in a particular niche can go a long way to making your brand more powerful and easily recognizable. Find a niche that’s accessible to you and go for it and as a result, you’ll soon become an expert in that field. By specializing you’ll also be able to reduce your overall marketing costs since it’s much easier to target one specific group of customers.