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5 SEO tips for a successful vacation website

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the strongest advantage that you can have over your competitors in online marketing. Its goal is to get you a high position in organic search results for your target keywords. In today’s web world, if you rank past the first page on Google (Bing or Yahoo), you will scarcely get any visitors.

Also, you might have noticed that Google is squeezing out the organic search results with answer boxes, ads, carousels and “People also ask” sections. We want to stress that it’s essential to get in first positions with the result that stands out or it will be overlooked – flat out.

Even if you have an inviting vacation home and a great website you still need to work on your SEO plan. If you want your online presence to become more visible, start taking the necessary measures today.


1. Write down your strategic keyword list

A reliable SEO plan starts with a keyword master list. Most of the vacation homeowners fail to acknowledge the importance of a strategic list. It’s like your secret ingredient to your marketing recipe that attracts potential travelers to your rental site!

The search engine scans your website content for targeted keywords and, based on this info; it ranks your site. Think of the words your customer would use to describe your rental business and add them to your online content.

Start with general terms and include in your titles and headlines words that accurately describe your line of business such as “vacation home”, “bed-and-breakfast” or “holiday rental”.

Then think about other phrases that capture the essence of your offer. If your rental business is suitable for all members of families, use words like “family-centered” or “family oriented” (holiday accommodation, vacation destination), etc. If your business caters to young couples, use “honeymoon destinations” or use geo-targeted words that highlight the unique location of your property.

A good strategy is to choose less competitive (niche) keywords or longer phrases (long-tail keywords) to rank high for those terms. You have a higher chance to get in first positions for a less used keyword. Be aware not to stuff your content with keywords that might have the opposite effect – both your visitors and search engines disapprove it.

Extra tip: With Wp Rentals WordPress theme it’s easy to activate all these options by installation an extra SEO plugin such as SEO YOAST or ALL IN ONE SEO PACK.


2. Use meta description to grow your CTR

The meta description is a term meant to describe the short text paragraph that appears below your URL in search results. It should be a summary of your page content in about maximum 320 characters.

To be shown in search results the meta description should contain the searched-for phrase, so it is essential that you optimize this paragraph as well.

It gives web users a good idea of what your page is about and the more relevant it is for them, the higher click-through rate you will have.

It is an opportunity to advertise content to your potential customers, and while is not essential for your SEO score it is essential to attract visitors to your page.

You should think of it as the first impression you make on your potential customers. A relevant meta description of your vacation rental page will grow the click-through rate if visitors want to learn more about your business.

Extra tip: Check  “The Ultimate Guide – real estate seo tips for 2018” article and find our more tips about how to optimize your scores in google searches.


3. Build a better social media presence

Social media is a helpful marketing tool that you can use to improve your SEO outside of your website. It has the potential to attract and grow a community around your vacation rental business.

Creating a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedin takes a few minutes, and it’s free! The rewards for your business are endless.

Keep in mind to adapt your content for each type of social platform and make unique profile descriptions. Search engines will penalize “copy-pasted” material even if it’s the same owner.

How can you improve your SEO score and get a high position in SERPs? Use your keywords strategy list we mentioned earlier in your social media profiles and posts. Also, include in your social media posts links to your website and allow your website users to share your content easily by adding social media buttons.

Extra tip: Check this popular article about how to create a successful Facebook profile.


4. Use link building and strategic partnerships

You can engage your offline network into your SEO strategy and ask local businesses to link to you from their websites. Link building is a great way to get endorsements for your vacation business.

Address local cafes, restaurants, car rentals, touristic offices, local bloggers and other sites that your potential guests might look for info.

On a short-term, link building is an essential step in boosting your SEO score and pleasing search engines. Continue to grow your network into long-term business relationships and include them in your overall marketing plan.

Make use of great upselling ideas -for example, host an art exhibition – to consolidate your business identity and your vacation property will be seen as a great place to vacation.


5. Keep your customers updated with an active blog

A successful content marketing plan includes an updated blog about your vacation rental business.  After all, you need to create a communication channel with your future guests.

By simply presenting your offer doesn’t do much in this day and age. And you don’t have to be Shakespeare either to write your posts. Learn more about your customer’s lifestyle and blog about topics of interest.

At first, start with one post a week and use your social media network to promote it. If they find it useful or engaging your followers will share your post. This will drive organic traffic to your website and boost your SEO rank.

In conclusion, a good SEO plan takes time to implement so don’t expect overnight success. Results show up slowly and steadily especially if you are a small business or new to the online medium. But if you go in the right direction (and use our SEO checklist plan) it will prove to be the best online marketing tool.