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6 Best email marketing tools for WordPress Real Estate websites

Email marketing is all about personal communication with your subscribers and is one of the key strategies for real estate marketing.

Email marketing keeps your (potential) clients up-to-date with important events, new articles on your blog and helps you send automated lead converting messages.

The biggest challenge in email marketing is to deliver personalized, relevant content that speaks to the unique needs and desires of your prospective customers.

To help you choose the best newsletter and drip email tools we are going to review 6 of them including the different price points.

The email marketing tools are designed for mass communication and are part of a powerful real estate website.

You can create engaging email content with the use of these platforms.

A great percent of email recipients open emails only by the subject line, so it is important you have the means to create a targeted email newsletter.


1. Mailchimp

It is the easiest to use email platform, it offers a free plan with many useful tools such as automated emails and drag-and-drop newsletter designs.

With MailChimp you can send your subscribers an appealing looking email in just a few minutes using their design editor.

You can also create drip sequences with Mailchimp utilizing the Workflow menu.

Send automated messages to welcome new subscribers or to let all your subscribers know about an upcoming event.

Mailchimp is one of the top email providers due to its user-friendly system.

You can integrate it with your real estate marketing and customer relationship management programs.

This free platform allows you to segment your audience and send customized newsletters.

You can easily integrate it with your lead capture strategy if you have optimized your site or you have landing pages.

MailChimp WordPress plugin is compatible with all WpEstate Real Estate themes (WpEstate, WpResidence or WpRentals).



2. Get Response

It is a cost-effective email marketing service for automated messages and for mass campaigns.

Like Mailchimp, it offers various email templates and a design editor with drag-and-drop functions that are a bit harder to use.

The advantage or Get Response is that they have a better autoresponder system than Mailchimp and provides landing pages for capturing leads.

You can integrate it into your lead generation strategy through its features.

The email provider offers a free trial and a monthly membership for only $15/month. In conclusion, Get Response is a real estate solid platform at an affordable price.


3. Constant Contact

Is the email marketing solution for small businesses.

It is a business-oriented platform offering useful tools on a friendly dashboard at a reasonable price.

For realtors, it gives a clear insight into their email marketing strategy.

The best part of Constant Contact is its template library designed specifically for real estate, unlike Mailchimp and Getresponse that are geared towards online marketers.

Realtors will find neat tools and bonus features for their business in the Create Campaign section.

With Constant Contact, you can create open house events, manage your Facebook page and create a survey.

These powerful marketing tools can be the upper hand of small business and help generate traffic in a short time.

This email marketing solution offers a free trial and costs $15+ per month.


4. AWeber

It is an email marketing service that sends newsletters and drip messages.

The pricing plans start at $19/month, and they all offer simple drip email marketing solutions

The best feature of AWeber is its impressive email analytics.

With their reports, you have an in-depth view of the data, and you can understand better your subscribers.

AWeber reports on follow up messages allows you to see which subscriber has received which series.

One disadvantage for this email provider is that their templates are not very attractive and are a bit harder to configure than other email services.


5. Campaign Monitor

It is an affordable email service that sends modern-looking emails to your subscribers.

It offers all the needed tools to create beautiful newsletters and drip messages.

With their guided Create a New Workflow feature you can set up your autoresponder or drip email system in no time.

The high point of Campaign Monitor, besides its easy-to-use dashboard, is the possibility to implement audience segmentation.

This comes in handy for a realtor as you can send targeted emails to home buyers and home sellers.


6. Active Campaign

It is the all-in-one customer relationship management and newsletter service provider.

The platform offers drip email solutions, chat and support at the price of $49/month.

With this provider you can implement a complete tracking system: you can monitor your subscribers, see what are responding best to and the life-cycle of every customer.

Active Campaign is an advanced lead tracking system that will appeal to a real estate business owner.


6 Best email marketing tools for real estate


And you will benefit from text message marketing tools. A realtor will get everything needed for his business, including an analytics report, in one package.