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An easy guide to shoot a video for your real estate business

In the internet age, home buyers are scouring the web to find the ideal property. Your competition is already there with high-class photography, and professionally written sales copy ads. What can you do to beat your competition? Make a video!

Videos are still a novelty in marketing strategy, as it may seem a bit tough to approach. What you should know is that they engage the viewer in a lot more ways than words and pictures together. Videos are a dynamic tool that gives a realistic view of a property and are a big pull marketing strategy that will create brand loyalty.

If you want your visitors to return to your site, present your offer in an informative yet pleasant manner. But be aware that a poor quality video can ruin your property’s image and the company’s branding.

If you are thinking of enriching your sales strategy with a video, we will go through the necessary steps for a successful outcome.

An easy guide to shoot a video for your real estate business

First, make a plan to outline the most critical steps to take

Before plunging into action, make decisions on the following directions. Separate your audience, a seller, buyer, or real estate investors and focus on their needs. The video should be the answer to their search.

Next, decide what type of video content you want to produce. You can show the property by making a walkthrough tour, or you can create something unique. For the walkthrough start filming from the outside so the viewers can see the exterior of the property and its neighborhood. You should also decide on the length of the video, two or three minutes is the ideal duration of an informative and engaging video without getting too boring for your audience.

You might be tempted to edit the video for an immaculate impression. We advise leaving the little imperfections for a more realistic and relatable view. It will give a more gentle touch to your business, and your viewers will love it. Also, appeal to the emotional side of your audience with a script that compellingly showcases your property.

A good script starts with a memorable introduction that will introduce yourself and the company. Keep it short and appealing as the average viewer’s attention span is now considered to be 8 seconds long. At the end of the video, introduce a suitable call to action and let them know how to contact you quickly. Also, in the description of the video, add plenty of contact details.

Choose the best budget video equipment

Use the right gear to shoot a high-quality video. If your budget is tight, use your smartphone if it has an excellent camera such as Samsung Galaxy S6 or an iPhone. For a low budget, we also recommend GoPro, an action camera that offers some impressive fisheye effects on its videos.

Cover all rooms in chronological order in your video

The primary coverage should include outside view of the property, a walk through every room accompanied by a voiceover that tells where you’re headed next. Also, inevitably cover the property so as not to confuse the viewer as to where you’re going next.

In your video talk about the benefits of your property, the materials used for ceiling and floors. Highlight its strong points, and don’t forget to add a call to action at the end of the video. Also, remember to add the link to your website in the video description.

Avoid these common mistakes in creating your property video

Many realtors focus only on the property and forget to add the human element. Make your video more personable and relatable by having a person in it. You can jump in to impersonate your brand, or you can hire someone else.

Your property should look nice and clean and should offer a sense of broad sense. Loosen up the decor and remove the unnecessary furniture.

You might also want to cut the random effects that show off your video making skills after all the purpose is to present the property and not to do an artistic film.

Ok, now your video is completed, and it looks like a blast. Congratulations! However, you should know that the job is only half done. The second part is to market your video and make sure your targeted audience sees it. When your prospective clients search for property videos, you should be seen in the first search results.

Promote your video in an integrated strategy with the rest of your marketing efforts. If you are already known online, it should be easy for you to use all your marketing channels to share your video. The video should be the answer to the client’s search and anticipate his needs. And it has all the chances to catch your prospect’s interest if it shows you the expert you are in the business.