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The guide for an amazing photoshoot of your rental

Are you planning to advertise your property on listing sites or build your rental website? Here is how to place attention on its best features with excellent photography and get those bookings fast.

We recommend that you take the time and put enough effort into pictures for your rental ad. After all, your prospective customers will not even look at your listing if it doesn’t contain photos.

Visuals are vital for the real estate business as they will make a memorable first impression and introduce you to future tenants. Using professional photography in your marketing strategy will help you accomplish your sales goals.


Use natural lighting

Prepare to create an appealing, warm image of your home for your future tenants. To obtain maximum effect consider taking your photoshoot using natural light.

As a rule of thumb, the best time to shoot interiors is a bright sunny day although every room has its characteristics. Pick a time of day when your room has the best lighting and make tests before starting your photoshoot.

There are other factors to consider when taking pictures of interiors such as orientation, furniture, etc.

For a room with a view (e.g. an ocean view) is important to highlight this aspect so choose a time of day that works best (it may be early morning or before sunset).

For outdoor photography using a digital camera to make a few tests. You can create a dramatic effect and take pictures of your property in the warm light of dawn or sunset.

It will make your house look cozy and sumptuous at the same time. To achieve this effect, you should turn on all interior and exterior lighting.

If you are taking pictures in bright daylight remember to keep lights off and watch out for the glare in windows. Remember to keep the sun at the back and change the angle to capture the best shot.


Stage your property

As an essential tip in real estate photography, you should always stage the photo shoot to highlight the best features. Open space is one of those aspects so keep in mind that less is more for rental photography. Declutter every room and move furniture to obtain a spacious look.

Before taking the pictures for your ad, make sure the unit is orderly, clean, and rent-ready. Make use of little touches of bright colors to make your photos stand out from the rest.

Consider adding decor items: such as a vase of flowers or an artwork that will add refinement or a bowl of fruits and cute curtains to make the interior look cozier.

The exterior of your property should also be clean out for the photoshoot. Put the chairs and tables in the right place on the front porch, be careful to have the lawn mowed and stylishly landscaped.

If your property has a driveway make sure is clean, swept without tools and with the garage door closed.


Use a professional camera or hire a real estate photographer

Now that your property is in the best shape it’s time to start taking pictures. You will need top quality equipment for excellent photography. Consider investing in a full-frame DSLR camera if you want to achieve that glossy magazine look. Choose wide angle lenses to capture the full essence of every room.

To give a better sense of space and detail consider using HDR photography that uses three photos of the same scene and merges them in a combined picture. The effect of lighting combination will highlight features beautifully and leave a memorable impression.

Whether you shoot interior or exterior photography, make the most of the natural light and use a tripod to keep images sharp.