Wp Residence Video Tutorials

WP Residence Property Page settings

WP Residence Property Page settings This first video tutorial shows how to set up the Property Page¬†settings. The second video tutorial shows how to remove images that have been uploaded ¬†to the property. When you add a new property, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Type the property’s name;
  • Add a description;
  • Select the category, action, city and area;
  • Add the property settings: address details;
  • Choose if the property is featured or not;
  • Add a status to the property;
  • Add the property details: price(do not add commas), size, video;
  • You can create custom fields;
  • Select the Features and Amenities, you can custom as per your wish;
  • Select the Agent responsible;
  • Choose the header of the page;
  • Choose the sidebar, if you want, and the position on the page;
  • Set images from Media and featured image.
Please see the video tutorial for all the details.