WpRentals – the custom price feature.

One of the strongest feature of the WpRentals is the ability to set custom prices for certain periods + the option to set discount price for users that rent for more than 7 or 30 days. To access these options you need to go at “add new property/edit property pages” – in the price section. custom-price1 On that page you can set a price per day – that will be applied as the default price for all days. The second option is to set a different price per day if you want to offer a lower price for the ones that rent for more than 7 days. And there is the third price option that is the price per day for the ones that rent for more than 30 days. There are also 2 extra “price ad-dons”: the cleaning fee and city fee. These values will be added to the total invoice. If you want to set custom prices for some special days (or periods) you can use the Price adjustments feature calendar. You just need to select the start date and the end date and a pop up window will appear. In there you will have the option to set a new price for that period. custom-price2 custom-price3