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Listings Advanced Search options in Wp Rentals

The vast popularity of WordPress stems from its flexible framework that allows developers to customize their installations. However, when we think about the search function, the default one field form is mostly insufficient nowadays. Most WP sites adopt external search systems, such as third-party plugins to install custom taxonomies and fields.

But that’s not the case with our real estate themes. We have developed WP Rentals to integrate advanced search options, highly customizable. Starting with 1.30 version, we have introduced two more advanced search forms: type 3 and type 4.


Advanced search types 3 and 4 in Wp Rentals

To highlight the benefits of the advanced search forms along with other functions, we have developed two new demos.

Rent a Boat ( uses search type 3 that works only with custom fields.

In Ski Rent (, designed for object rental sites, you have search type 4, with custom fields displayed after opening the default search. Default fields are type keyword (property title), the primary and second listing category.

Search type 3 demo:

Search type 4 demo:

Advanced search type 3 & 4 can include unlimited fields, and you can choose between any of the following options:

  • Location,
  • Check-in & Check-out,
  • Guest number,
  • Price,
  • City,
  • Area,
  • State,
  • County,
  • Country,
  • Rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms as dropdowns
  • Your custom fields (text, date, dropdown or calendar type)

You can add them to your search form by accessing Wp Rentals Options Search Advanced Search Form.

Wp Rentals Custom Fields for Advanced Search Form

Wp Rentals Custom Fields for Advanced Search Form

With Redux framework it’s easier to navigate through settings and build the search form you need. For example, you can add a dropdown for beds, bathrooms or rooms after you have combined these three taxonomies to your custom fields. Other default fields that can be added to search are Zip (text field – input style) and Size (number – input style).

Furthermore, you can select from your features and amenities to show in search. They will be displayed in the header form of search type 3 and 4 and on the half map. This will help your visitors to narrow down their search and get a more specific result.

Search type 4 with features and amenities list open:

Features and Amenities in Search Type 4 Wp Rentals

Half Map Search Type 4 with Features and Amenities list open:

Features and Amenities in Advanced Search


Search Types 1 & 2

The original search types included with Wp Rentals (search type 1 and type 2) can still be selected from theme options as default search type. These search types do not work with custom fields, but they work with custom location field options presented below.

Search type 1 example from

Search type 1 with Wp Rentals theme

Search type 2 example from

Search type 2 from Wp Rentals Theme

With search type 1 and 2 the Half Map page layout shows more search options (set in theme code) and your list of features and amenities.

Example of half map page filters when Search type 1 or 2 is enabled

Half Map search filters with Wp Rentals


Search Location Options

“Where do you want to go” search field can be used in different ways.

Can be input style with theme auto-complete. Admin options should be set as in this screenshot:

Front search location option will behave as in

Location can be input style with google places auto-complete enabled.

Location can also be a drop-down style list showing all cities, areas, countries, states, and counties from properties published in the theme database

With search type 3 and 4 you can choose to not show “Where do you want to go” location field, but instead, use the City and Area as independent dropdowns.


Geo Location (RADIUS) Search

To enrich search results, we have added geolocation (radius) search to the half map page. You can enable geolocation with a yes/no setting in Wp Rentals Options – Search – Geo Location search. Your site visitors will get an accurate search result set in miles or km, based on your preference.

To set the radius value, go to same Wpp Rentals Options and set minimum and maximum radius value. The geolocation search is available for half map listing page and will show the synchronized results both on the map and on the list.

We have to insist on an important issue: Google Maps will not work without a correct API Key. Make sure you get one by clicking on the link you will find in wp-admin.

Radius Geolocation Search in Wp RentalsRadius Geolocation Search in Wp Rentals


Advanced Search Form Appearance

New options make your search form stand out in page layout. Starting with Wp Rental 1.30 you can select between different search form positions.

To switch between styles click on yes/no buttons in Wp Rental Options – Search – Advanced Search Position.

A popular style is the sticky search which will replace the sticky header, works only with advanced search types 2, 3 &4. You can choose to show your search bar in float mode, over the media header and you set the distance between search and browser’s margin.

The Advanced Search Color Option allows you to fully unleash your creativity and create the color palette you want. Choose a background color and opacity for the search form, a color for the advanced search button and button hover.