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Real Estate Mobile Marketing – The Easy 6 Step Guide


A few years ago most mobile devices were used solely for social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Things changed. Over 65% of consumers own a smartphone, and more and more users tend to use mobiles to research products, do their shopping or search for services.

Not only that, but it’s reported that a whopping 70% of searches on mobiles lead to an action within an hour – this can mean buying a product or service, signing up for a newsletter or asking for a price quote.

This is why real estate mobile marketing campaigns are indispensable for agents, brokers & realtors. The world is shifting to a fast-paced, highly competitive market – if you get in with the times, your efforts will be greatly rewarded. If you let it slide, your potential clients might flock to your competitors.

In this article, we’ll focus on lead generation, the top real estate mobile marketing techniques and a few other tips that can make your mobile marketing efforts stand out in the crowd.

Here is the full list of topics covered:

  • Make your site mobile friendly
  • Create mobile-friendly content
  • Start campaigning for mobiles
  • SMS marketing is a thing
  • Quick Response codes
  • Create a mobile app




Make your site mobile friendly

Since so many real estate buyers are on mobile, it’s necessary to have a mobile-friendly website. If you have a WordPress site, getting a real estate WordPress theme that’s already mobile friendly will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Real estate WordPress themes are usually optimized both for desktop as well as mobile devices such as phones or tablets.
If you already have a real estate website built in WordPress, but the theme is not responsive, you can search for a plugin that will help you fix that.


Create mobile friendly content

Once you have your responsive site set up, it’s time to focus on high-quality content that’s accessible for mobiles, not just desktop. Keep in mind that mobile users have a very different experience from those who visit your site from a desktop.

Too many tabs, pages, and oddly placed links can ruin UX for mobile users because they have a small screen to display all the content.

This will allow for more natural optimization of pages, images, and content for mobile users. For example, your headlines should be shorter on the mobile version of the article than on the original. This is because mobile users don’t have the luxury of a very wide or large screen, making long headlines are difficult to read.



Optimizing for search engines is also a must – as stated previously, 70% of organic searches from mobile devices lead to an action on a website. Studies reveal that when mobile users search for services or products they are more inclined to purchase desktop users.

You can tap into that 70% for more real estate leads through your website. Another interesting aspect of mobile users is the fact that they are more specific in their searches than desktop users – this is because they already passed through the research phase of purchase and already know the service they want or need.


Start campaigning for mobiles

Your marketing efforts should be different for targeting mobile and desktop users.

By not differentiating between mobile and desktop you’re likely to have a smaller click-through rate and a lower conversion rate.

The good news is that campaigns optimized for mobile devices score a much higher click-through rate than desktops – 0.59% for tablets as opposed to just 0.23% for desktops.

Also, ads on mobile apps usually perform twice as better than ads on the web.


SMS marketing is a thing

Over 58% of smartphone users check their phones for calls or messages every hour. One of the most significant tools realtors can use to grow their list of clients is SMS Marketing.

With SMS marketing you can just text your prospects or leads different offers and opportunities.

It works great if it’s not spammy or intrusive. The advantages of SMS marketing include the following:

It’s personal – You can personalize your text messages according to your potential clients’ demographics or needs. You can also send a brief story or introduction to the link or resource they need to check out.

It delivers immediately – SMS Marketing is fast. It’s the quickest type of marketing available – once you click “send” your message is out there. You can get thousands of impressions and conversions within minutes.

It’s highly interactive – You can get feedback from your recipients easily. All they need to do is tap the “reply” button.

It’s trackable – Any marketing effort needs to be tracked to see what works and what doesn’t. With SMS marketing you can track who opened your message, who clicked your links and who ignored your SMS.


Quick Response codes

QR codes or “quick response” codes can store a lot of data that’s readily transmittable, making them a real asset for your mobile marketing efforts. Include them in catalogs, flyers, websites and any other promo material.


Create a mobile app

Mobile apps are designed to run on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Building a mobile app for your real estate business can help drive leads and conversions. With mobile apps becoming more and more affordable, there’s no reason for you not to have one.

You can create an app that focuses on listings in a particular region or city for example. Keeping it neat and interactive will make users love it.