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The Best SEO Keywords for Real Estate in 2020

Keyword research is probably the most crucial aspect of your website’s search engine ranking. Any step you undertake to boost your SEO score needs to be based on proper keyword research; otherwise, the results will not be satisfactory. Let’s take a look at the best ways to start working on your website’s keyword research, a key aspect when planning to improve your SEO rankings.


Google Suggest

The first step is not focused on specific keywords but on broad topics. You have to figure out which topics are interesting for the people that will visit your website. Make a list of 10-15 general topics related to real estate and write them down. Next, head over to Google and type the topics from your list in the search bar to see what the search engine suggests.


The Best SEO Keywords for Real Estate in 2020

This way, you will be able to find different real estate keywords related to your broad topics – remember that the auto-suggest will display keywords with lots of monthly searches first, and then go down to the least popular ones.

After checking the suggested searches in Google, you can also take a peek at the related searches from the bottom of the page. You can use other platforms such as YouTube or search engines such as Bing to find even more keywords for your website.


Lower Competition

If the website you’re working on is relatively new and doesn’t have a high SEO score, you don’t want to target highly competitive real estate keywords. SEO best practices recommend targeting long-tail keywords, which are often less competitive.

Long-tail keywords are contextually related words that are more specific compared to general keyword searches. These keywords can be divided into three sections, namely the head, the body, and the long tail.

For example, “real estate” is a keyword head. The body can be “seaside,” as in “seaside real estate.” The long tail can be a geographic designation such as “in California.” The long-tail keyword, in this case, is “seaside real estate in California” – this is more specific than just “real estate,” hence the lower competition.


User Intent

Users searching for keywords related to the real estate industry fall into two main categories: those that are looking to buy and the ones that are just interested in reading a few articles for various reasons. Ideally, you will want to target both categories of potential visitors, since the second category could become a customer once they are done going through the “research phase” of their purchase.

That being said, the “buyers category” is the one that you should focus on more between the two. This means you should optimize your content for keywords that imply “commercial intent,” e.g., the decision to purchase a home as well as a service that your website provides.

Another way of finding out if a keyword has high commercial value is through AdWords. You can check and see how many people have ads running for your chosen keyword. A high amount of ads for a particular keyword generally means it has a high value, but it also means that it’s highly competitive. Companies are outbidding each other over potential clients.


Google Trends

Let’s say that by now, you have a few high keywords for your website, but two of them seem equally good, and you can’t decide which one to go on. This is where Google Trends steps in. This is an excellent tool that helps you observe if a keyword is likely to grow in popularity or shrink over time.

Keywords can be tricky sometimes – they can have a very high search volume one month and down to zero in the next. This is the main reason why you should use Google Trends – if your keyword is likely to become more popular, definitely go with it. At the same time, you can use Google Trends to search for new keywords or see which properties are more desirable.


Real Estate Keyword Tools

The last and probably most effective way to get better keywords for your real estate website is using a keyword tool that will give you all the information you need, including search volume as well as competition. Some of the best keyword tools available on the market today include, or

Both of these platforms will provide you with correct and valuable data for your keyword research, but unfortunately, these tools are not free. In essence, you can only test them for a certain period before committing to a monthly plan.

The Best SEO Keywords for Real Estate in 2020 tools


Real Estate Keyword Examples

Real estate agents may spend a lot of time on their website, tweaking different features and making it more appealing, but in the end, it’s high-quality content that matters. In essence, exciting content will keep your users coming back for more and make them turn into a paying customer. Let’s take a look at a list of keywords to get you started with your research.


Short Tail Real Estate Keywords

Short tail real estate keywords are usually highly competitive and are not usually recommended for newer websites. In essence, you should focus on long-tail keywords first before moving on to shorter ones. Here is a list of the top real estate keywords with their monthly search volume and competition:

Real estate  450.000 high
Multiple Listing Service 10.000 Medium
Houses for sale 1.000.000 high
For sale by owner 110.000 high
FSBO 27.100 Medium
Commercial real estate  110.000 high
MLS listings 74.000 high
Condo 135.000 high
Condos for sale  110.000 high
realty 33.000 medium
For sale  49.500 high
Buying a house  40.000 medium
townhomes for sale 40.500 medium
homes for sale by owner 22.200 medium
foreclosure 74.000 high
houses for sale near me 550.000 high

Long Tail Real Estate Keywords

Long-tail real estate keywords are more comfortable to rank for in search engines. Here is a list of examples you can use:

  • steps to selling a house with a realtor
  • how to sell your house fast by realtor
  • how to sell your house fast with a realtor
  • sell your house in 7 days
  • how to choose a real estate agent for selling
  • how to hire a realtor to sell home
  • Things Real Estate Agents Should Be Doing
  • real estate agent duties to the seller
  • how to get your real estate license
  • 12 Ways the Best Real Estate Agents Their Clients
  • how to get clients in the real estate business
  • how to get real estate leads
  • buyer leads for real estate agents
  • real estate leads for new agents
  • best real estate lead generation 2020
  • exclusive real estate leads
  • things real estate agents need
  • real estate marketing plan
  • real estate marketing strategies examples
  • luxury real estate marketing ideas
  • marketing strategies for real estate agents
  • SEO tips for real estate agents
  • SEO examples for real estate
  • SEO for real estate investors
  • how do I attract real estate clients
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  • how to collect real estate commission
  • how do real estate brokers get paid
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The last thing you need to keep in mind is that building content for your website is an ongoing process that requires continuous effort. The same goes for keyword research – you should keep track of your keywords and be on the lookout for new ones every month.