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Which vacation property types people look for to rent for their holiday

About vacation properties types

If you’re interested in starting your rental business, but you’re not sure what properties to look for, we’ve got you covered. This post explains in detail what type of properties you can look for, and completes a series of blog posts on what you need to know before you launch your rentals business, including how to optimize your rentals website for best SEO results and more.

If you have a second home that you are not using, be it city studio or a country cottage, you might consider starting your own vacation rental business.

If you want to buy a property, this is a wise investment choice as it provides regular annual earnings.

The investment variates with the type of property destined for vacation rental. There are many options available, and I will guide you through the classification.


Vacation apartments

Short term rental apartments are private accommodations located in a shared building. The number of rooms can variate, but they all offer the same comfort level to their guests. It is a popular choice for tourists as the prepayment is much lower. It is also a popular investment due to the maintenance free costs. The roof, sideways and other exterior reparations, as well as landscaping, is done by the building association.

Vacation rental studios are single room accommodations located in a shared building. Space is equipped with all the furnishing needed for a comfortable stay. It has a small kitchen, bathroom and living area all in one room. It is destined for one or two people, fancied by young tourists and bohemian types.

Vacation apartments


Beach Villas and Condos

Separated from other houses in the area, this deluxe type of rental provides more privacy and more fancy features. The lodgings are typically for the beach or other oceanside, seaside regions.

Other types of seafront or beachfront rentals are condominiums, a sort of lodgings attached to other homes by shared amenities. They are luxurious and have lower maintenance costs due to the shared areas. These could range from an outdoor deck or pool to an indoor spa or fitness center, recreation halls, etc.

About vacation properties types


Holiday House

Houses are one or two-floor homes that can be located in towns, in a suburb or even in the countryside. They can range from low-key cottages to impressive mansions. Bed & Breakfast rentals are rooms for rent inside the private family home with the host living in it.

Townhomes are houses located in a town neighborhood often attached to other homes. Fully furnished and equipped they offer all the utilities needed for a pleasant stay. A popular choice for city break tourists that need to be in the middle of things.

A mansion is a large and luxurious house that can host many guests at a time. It is an exclusive and private rental usually located in a more isolated area.

It offers lavish amenities to its visitors, from panoramic views, and extensive gardens to the indoor cinema, wine cellar or a piano bar.

A holiday cottage is a one-story house found in rural areas. They are perfect for people who want to enjoy a quiet time away from the city.


Cabins, chalets, and bungalows

These are great for a getaway to be out in the woods or at a beach. Cabins are tiny houses built from logs usually found in the mountains, in reclusive areas. They are fully equipped for spending a tremendous outdoor time away with wood-burning fireplace and free space to enjoy.

Chalets are built from sturdier materials and offer fancier amenities for tourists that want to blend comfort and outdoors experience. Found usually in an easier to reach location, around hillsides.

Bungalows are fanciful small homes ideal for older tourists or guests that want to enjoy a quiet time. Usually found in warmer areas, on beaches and seashores.

We live in a time of global traveling, and tourism market expands year by year. People want to visit new places and enjoy new experiences. Seizing the opportunities in real estate business is the first step to success. It is only a matter of time before that little cottage that nobody is using becomes a great vacation destination. Buying a vacation rental property is a worthwhile investment.