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5 Things you need to know about community pages

The critical element of a real estate business is its location, and it is only reasonable to dedicate a page for it. Promoting your business is good yet highlighting the benefits of living in the region is even better. A community page focuses on the area you live and work, building hype for the location.


1. What is a Community Page?

How do you market your community as a great place to buy a home? First, you need to create a landing page on your website and include all the necessary elements. The purpose of a community page is to inform people about the region you appealingly do business.

The content of the page is usually rich in details about the lifestyle of your neighborhood. It presents its history, some stats about the population, the general living conditions.

An essential element is what makes the region special: the local festivities, tourist attractions, excellent gastronomy or any other unique quality.


2. The benefits of including a Community Page

As a local business, to improve ranking in the Google local SEO results and on Google Maps, you have to include geo-focused terms in your content.

Having a community page on your real estate website becomes a necessity to succeed in your marketing strategy.

Developing a community page will help you rank high for search terms related to your regions such as the name of towns, neighborhoods, streets, local schools, and properties in that area.



Homebuyers and sellers will look for housing prices and estimations and will look for helpful resources online. Address their needs by compiling informative content to share with your potential customers.

Once you get these potential buyers on your community page and present them with the information needed you to have the chance to turn them into leads.

Encourage them to learn more about the region by offering a free ebook in exchange for their contact details. Or you can display listings in the area and encourage them to sign-up for a newsletter to receive additional info about favorite properties.


By creating original & valuable content that shares relevant information with home buyers and sellers you will position yourself as the local expert.

Your customers will gladly do business with someone who knows the market well. And so we have arrived at the critical elements of a great community page.


3. The content strategy of a great Community Page

Stand out from the sea of competitors with a robust content plan. Consider the following marketing tips to establish yourself as the go-to realtor in the market.

Setting yourself as a knowledgeable agent, you will help your customers feel welcome in the new community.

To offer a great user experience consider including the following elements:

  • Useful information: you should be able to provide answers to web searches and offer relevant details to potential customers. For example, if your prospective buyers are young couples, first-time house owners, talk about house pricing in the market but also transportation and stellar recreational places. If your customers are retirees, they would be probably interested in the history and architecture of the neighborhood.
  • Beautiful imagery: The page should hold attention with appealing photography that makes visitors envision life in your community. You can include as many pictures you want featuring the best parts of your neighborhood: beautiful streets, parks, museums, local fairs, and markets. Combined with helpful info such as means of transportation, visiting hours, etc. you will create a reliable picture of a great living place.
  • A great video: For community pages videos are a big plus, adding a necessary dynamic feel to the whole website content. It is easy to engage your visitors with engaging short films. You can use the video medium to capture the local traditions and customs to ensure your viewers get a feel for the community lifestyle. Or present your company and team members more informally and engagingly. If you’re on a budget, you can use your smartphone provided it has a good camera
  • Include a CTA: Ensure your visitors contact you or engage further with your website by adding a call-to-action on your community page. One compelling CTA is to encourage users to browse available properties in the region in your listings. Or you can offer them a downloadable guide with relevant info about the community in exchange for their contact details.


4. Promote your Community Page to your target audience

Now that your community page is filled with all the good stuff it is time to share it with your public. You can write a short post on your blog showcasing the new page, or you can share the link on social media.

Wrap your novelty in an exciting package for your audience. You could write an article about the top five must-see areas in your region and add the link to the community page at the end of the post.

On social media, you have numerous options from making a thematic board with stunning photography on Pinterest to sharing a cool video on Youtube and write an engaging post about your community on Facebook, all linking to your community page.

Put your creativity to test and find many other options to publicize your page. Only keep in mind your business goals: generate leads and convert them into customers.


5. Building brand identity

The immediate effects of a community page are the better promoting of your services to your audience. In the long run, maintaining a healthy relationship with your community will help you develop an excellent reputation in the region.

Consider building a good name for yourself among the people who live and work in your town. It will be highly convenient when you set your referral program among your audience. Creating a tight network both offline and online will help you convert visitors into leads and potential buyers.