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99 reasons to choose WordPress for your Real Estate Website

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Every business, be it mainly online or not, needs a website. Small firms might only need a Social Media account to communicate with their customers while other companies might run their entire business with the use of their website. Running an online business has the benefit of a 24/7 global access.

If you are in the real estate branch we are sure that you concentrate all your efforts on reaching the goals: getting known in your area, develop client loyalty and win sales. What if we tell you that your website not only helps you achieve these goals but also works to your advantage?

Choosing a website design and managing its content are not easy tasks that is why today most websites are developed with a pre-built content management system (CMS). This allows companies to update their sites without technical support, effortlessly and in no time.

Beyond a doubt, WordPress is the most popular website builder, with 50-60% CMS market share that is still on the rise. WordPress is easy to setup, manage, and update and you don’t need to have programming expertise to use it.

There are thousands of pre-made themes that you can use to set up your website. Moreover, you have access to more than 50,000 free WordPress plugins that add additional features. To reach your international customers, you can use WP to create multilingual websites.

If you are not yet convinced that you should use WordPress to build your website, we have compiled no less than 99 reasons on why WordPress is the best tool to run your real estate business online.



1. A/B performance testing tool

This is a valuable tool to build a useful WordPress site. The only way you can be sure where to place design elements for better conversion rates is to create two variants (A and B) and test them against each other to see which version performs the best.


2. Adding client testimonials

Building client trust is vital for an online business in order to increase sales. Publishing client testimonials on your website help building a good reputation and it is easy to do that with WordPress.


3. Apps for managing your site

WordPress mobile apps enable you to create content, check your stats, view your site on mobile and check comments. Download from Google Play or iTunes, set it on your phone and start managing your site.


4. Affiliate Marketing made easy

This is a favorite method to grow your business and make more money. With WordPress, you have reliable and easy-to-use plugins that can help you create your full-featured affiliate program.


5. Analytics implementation solution

Adding Google Analytics to your site helps you track your website visitors and show you how users interact with your website. You can add the tracking code to your WordPress site without a plugin.


6. Animations for a compelling website

One of the key web design trends of 2018 – adding animations is a great way to gain users attention to important parts of your website. CSS3 Animation is the technology to do that and it’s easy to implement on WordPress.


7. Author box to display writer biography

Adding an author box after every blog post will encourage readers to interact with an author. Even more, it increases trust factor and creates a strong brand identity. With WordPress, there are several author bio plugins for WordPress blogs.


8. Autosave feature for file protection

This feature helps save the edits you do on the website every 3 seconds. You can work stress-free in case of power outage.


9. Expert reputation gained in little time

With a regularly updated website that shares the best content out there you will become recognized in your field and ultimately you will be positioning yourself as an expert.


10. Blog to make your voice heard

This online journal of news, ideas, and opinions is an important part of your website and WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. The more relevant the blog is for your audience the stronger your brand identity will be.


11. Book publishing through your website

Self-publishing is not a taboo thing for authors any longer. In the digital era if you want to publish your book you can do that with WordPress that has several plugins for this.


12. Brokerage professional digital presence

WordPress themes cover a lot of categories including finances. Even the most prominent broker will find the support and functionality to create the perfect website.


13. Build a community around your business

WordPress has the features and plugins to create a strong community around your website by interacting with visitors in the comments of your blog, building a Q&A page or sharing your posts on social media.


14. Buttons come in many shapes

A stylish and unique call-to-action design will make the difference in your conversion rates. WordPress has a rich library of themes with the most diverse custom design features.


15. Chat with your customers

We live in a fast-paced world and people expect instant answers to their questions. Add a chat window to your website and improve your customer service.


16. Classified site option

It is easy to create a classified Ad Website with the available WordPress plugins. You will be able to become the next CraigsList or run a local garage sale, that is up to you.


17. Clone your site easily

Making a duplicate WordPress site can come in handy for testing or switching hosts. This helps your business be available to your clients at all times. You can clone a site in seconds with a premium managed WordPress host such as WP Engine.


18. Content Management System

WordPress has evolved into an efficient CMS, simple to learn yet highly customizable. Whether you run an online store or a community platform WP has the right tools to organize a plethora of various content.


19. Code compliance ensured

WordPress is written using standard compliance code and this is important to the functionality of your website and to SEO purposes. In 2018 GDPR user privacy legislation will be the norm and WordPress has the right plugins for it.


20. Comments section installation

With WordPress, you can interact with your users by encouraging them to leave comments on your blog posts. This will build a better relationship with your customers, improve web visibility and establish brand trustiness.


use WordPress for your real estate website



21. Community support for every step

If you are struggling with a theme feature or a plugin it’s easy to find help. You can join one of the many community support groups such as the official WordPress forum, the official forum of the theme or of the plugin.


22. Create a calendar of events

Become the best event planner in your business with WordPress. WP enables you to add a calendar of events and organize an event with ticketing. You are also able to integrate this feature into your google calendar.


23. Customer support system

Improve your customer relationship by offering client support services after the sale. With a WordPress site, you can enlarge your customer base with a support ticketing system.


24. Create membership site

This is one of the best ways to make your website work for you and increase your income. To install a membership site you have to follow specific requirements, and there are many plugins to address them.


25. Customer Relationship Management

Every business should give best efforts to improve customer relationship. This is also true for websites. As a real estate owner, you will want a website that integrates CRM solutions and WordPress is fit for the job. With WP innovative features you can create tight customer service.


26. Directory themes for listing sites

WordPress is the best solution out there for building a real estate website. With its rich library of themes, you can build a property listing platform or you can focus on a city, create a local assets directory and become a real estate expert in the community. Wpestate Theme and WpResidence Theme are one of the best options.


27. Drag N Drop for easy website development

This tool helps you build a beautiful and responsive WordPress site and you can customize it to suit your needs. Integrate this popular feature with Drag & Drop WordPress page builder plugins that offer maximum usability.


28. Easy post and page linking

Internal linking has never been more straightforward! WordPress has various plugins that help you link to old pages on your site and redirect people to the new URL you’ve chosen.


29. Effortless access to your WP site

You can implement one-click login to your site from Gmail. So you can access it no matter where you are as long you have Internet.


30. E-commerce website solution

There are many online store builders out there that do their job. WordPress proves its high flexibility and has developed some great plugins for shopping sites too.


31. Editorial calendar for excellent blogging

Running a blog requires an organizational work similar to running a business. This WP feature helps you build your content, schedule posts, manage multiple authors and more.


32. Email Marketing directly from your site

Your business is up and running and you want to start those email promotions. There are many WordPress plugins that can help you keep your customer updated with your offer, and ultimately help you grow your business.


33. Embed any medium post to your website

If you want to add an interesting video footage you found online, WordPress is there to help you. Developers have built an easy to use embed functionality for Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, Spotify, Slideshare, Instagram, Vine and other media sources.


34. Frequently Asked Questions

It’s always a good idea to add an FAQ section on your site. This way you will offer valuable information to your audience, improve SEO performance and site navigation and build customer trust.


35. Flexibility is the defining trait

WordPress is a flexible platform that can transform a blog into a social network, shopping mall or real estate portal. The huge library of WP themes can be extended by using plugins that can address any business needs.


36. Forms are highly customizable

Forms are the tools that help you collect leads for your promotions (Lead Capture). With WordPress they come in various designs, all customizable to create an attractive landing page.


37. Free updates from WP developers

To ensure you stay informed about the latest fixes, WordPress releases free updates on a regular basis.


38. Freshness score checked

You can keep your site fresh by regularly updating it. This is achieved without effort by simple access, easy managing, and first-rate blogging functionality. And this will only improve your Google search rankings.


39. Fundraising website theme

If you want to create a website that manages donations for personal causes or charity, WP is up to the job. You will find dedicated themes, templates, and plugins for this purpose.


WordPress image gallery


40. Gallery of images

WordPress was built to ensure a visual feast for users. You can create many beautiful galleries to display your products or showcase your property portfolio.


41. Growing proportionally to your business

Focus on growing your business and leave the website adjusting to WordPress. Being highly customizable it ensures WP has the ability to expand exponentially.


42. Heat Maps for real-time analytics

Heat maps help you know what your website visitors are interested in. It’s easy to install a dedicated WordPress plugin and start analyzing your site performance.


43. Icons with top-grade design and support

With WordPress, you have zillions of cool icons and the support to help you use them.


44. IDX integration done smoothly

Useful for real estate websites, most IDX (Internet Data Exchange) vendors offer a plugin to implement their service on your WordPress website.


45. If This Then That

IFTT is a powerful tool that helps your apps and devices work together. This will simplify your marketing management, and it works well with WordPress.


46. Jetpack all-in-one plugin

Jetpack is a robust WordPress plugin suite that adds various useful features to your WordPress website. You install it once, and the elements can be turned on or off.


47. Landing page designer

Creating a brilliant landing page has never been easier. WordPress helps you do that with a Contact Form plugin.


48. Lead generation tools

Marketing made easy! WordPress offers you specific tools built for lead generation.


49. Limitless features and objects

There is no limit to the number of plugins, menu pages, image galleries, videos and blog posts you can add to a WordPress website.


50. Local business templates

If you want to focus on a geo-specific area, WordPress can help you build a locally optimized website.


51. Maps implementation options

Incorporating Google maps into your WordPress website is easy.


52. Menu management simplified

Creating and adjusting your site menus was a drag before. WordPress makes this easy with the simple to use Drag N Drop tool.


53. Mobile WordPress APP

Today more people are surfing the internet on their phone than on their desktop, and they use apps more than a browser when on their phone.


54. Mobile friendly optimization

Today more people are surfing the internet on their phone, so it is vital for a website to be mobile friendly. WordPress ensures to accommodate smartphones and tablets.


55. Monetization tools for your website

You can monetize your site with ads like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, and Clicksor for good extra income source. WordPress ensures you do this very efficiently.


56. Multilingual plugin for your foreign users

Your site content can be read by readers from all over the world. WordPress is currently developed in 160 languages and you can also use a plugin like WPML, Polyang or Google Translate.


57. Multimedia posts for a dynamic site

WordPress allows you to upload and display a plethora of media files: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, etc.


58. Multi-Site building tools

If you are to set up a blogging network or need to build multiple versions of the main website, WordPress has the right tools for it.


59. Multi-User management

You can add as many users you need to your WordPress management and assign each user to one of the six different user levels: super admin, administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber.

WordPress bike

60. Online firm office

With WordPress, your website will be like your office, only always open for customers.


61. Open source code

The original source code is being constantly developed or improved by the community of WordPress Developers. And it is made available for free.


62. Organize content in your own style

WordPress gives you many options for managing your content in any form you wish.


63. Ownership of your business

With WP you will never lose your online business, switch owners, move offices as long as you keep your hosting account current.


64. Page templates and features

Most WordPress themes offer appealing page templates and a wide assortment of useful features.


65. Parallax easily implemented

This tool creates a neat effect to the scrolling feature of a website and it can be easily done in WordPress. It comes especially handy with today’s full-width web page designs adding depth and individuality.


66. Password protect content

The internet has opened a myriad of opportunities but also many threats. In the latter case, privacy protection encounters the most serious ones. With WP you have a default feature that protects individual pages and posts.


67. Pay only for hosting option

Everything except hosting your website is free with WordPress. WordPress publishes your blog free of charge and the WP community has developed free themes and plugins so you can design your website by yourself at no cost.


68. Podcasts to make users follow you

They have become a favorite marketing tool, and you can quickly publish your audio/video series in WP with the dedicated plugins.


69. Popular publishing platform

WordPress is not only the most popular publishing option on the web but it also has grown into the fastest growing CMS. The number of websites built by WP has increased to almost 30%.


70. Pop-up ads customization

With WP you can create and manage compelling promotion pop-ups that will help get your visitors’ attention. WP dedicated plugins ensure responsive and customizable design, making your website a lead generation machine.


71. Powerful development software

WordPress can support a large array of features and plugins including IDX, CRM, sliders, support system, membership, podcasts, videos, PDF library and blog archive. And it does this while maintaining a beautiful design.


72. Professional yet still modern

In over ten years WordPress has been updated and upgraded more than any other publishing platforms out there. No wonder it has developed into one of the most popular website building options.


73. Publish and share your posts

WordPress offers the option to automate the posts sharing on popular networks. There are several plugins that enable you to share your site’s posts on social media automatically when you publish a new article.


74. Q&A session online

This makes customer support an even better user experience. Include a simple Textbox through which your site visitors can ask you short questions, and you can answer them through the backend. WP has plugins that allow you to use Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.


75. Referral  marketing program

This is a great way to convert your audience into customers. WordPress has plugins to help you create a referral program.


76. RSS feed implementation

WordPress comes with a built-in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed.


77. Run contests to attract business prospects

Contests are always fun and a great marketing tool. Use WordPress to run your competition events.


78. Safe for user privacy

WordPress takes data security very seriously and with the GDPR legislation that will soon come into effect, WP has the tools and plugin to keep you on the legal side.


79. Scalable to suit your business

If you want to keep your company small, WordPress can scale with your needs and will never outgrow your business.

scalable servers


80. Schedule posts at a convenient time

WordPress has the ability to schedule your posts to be published at a time that suits you. If you want your post to go live on two days from now or even backdate it, it’s all possible with WP.


81. Searchable with custom features

Is vital to offer your visitors the possibility to find what they are looking for on your site. WordPress has a built-in site search feature, but you can also build your custom search page to give users more information.


82. SEO campaign managing

A WP built website provides the foundation to match all the latest SEO requirements so that you can boost up your search results page rank.


83. Shortcodes are WP little helpers

This handy feature is a shortcut that lets you do various things with little effort. The WordPress-specific shortcodes enable you to embed files or create dynamic objects even without programming skills.


84. Single-agent website themes

For real estate business, WordPress themes fit nicely individual agent sites as well as significant realtors’ websites.


85. Slider tools for visual experience

Add an attractive image gallery with the slider function in WordPress. This will make things easy for you as beautiful images are a big part of any business.


86. Social Media integration

WordPress and social networks go hand in hand. With WP you can easily and automatically publish your content to your social media channels.


87. Spam blocker option

A commenting section on your site will attract spam. Add an anti-spam plugin to filter those unwanted messages.


88. Sticky scrolling made beautifully

This enables that important content remains in the viewing area while the user is scrolling your website. This usually applies to the top navigation, the sidebar, share links, or even advertisements.


89. Syndicate your site content

To gain more visitors to your website, there is the option to syndicate your content to third-party sites. With WP it’s easy to plug your RSS feed and start gaining web visibility.


90. Make appointments directly

Let WordPress manage your customer support by adding an appointments plugin. This allows your customers to book an appointment directly from your WordPress site.


91. Take payments online

If you are selling goods online, one of the most critical requirements is handling payments. With WP plugins you can integrate various paying methods and associate with payment gateways such as Paypal, Selz and Stripe.


92. Team members display option

WordPress helps present your work team members in a professional way using different styles and formats. Creating a staff page builds-up more credibility for you site visitors.


93. Hosting of your choice

Some of the best hosting services out there meet WordPress requirements. Choosing the best WordPress hosting will ensure that your website is up all the time and users can use it properly.


94. Themes and plugins for every need

WordPress themes and plugins provide the necessary foundation for a beautifully and professionally designed website.


95. Transfer your site easily

You can move your WordPress website to another host or server relatively quickly and with no downtime.


96. Tutorials for every step

WP Beginner offers over 200 free tutorials that show you step by step how to manage the basics of your site. And if you want to become a self-taught web developer you can try a video course like WP 101.


97. Typography design option

This option lets you customize Google fonts to improve your site’s design. It also increases readability and the time users spend on your website.


98. User-friendly software

WordPress has evolved into an efficient website building software, simple to learn yet highly customizable. With constantly new themes and plugins created by WP community, it’s easy to create the website that suits your business purpose.


99. Widgets to extend website functionality

One of the best features of WordPress, widgets allow you to add additional content and features to designated areas such as the site’s header, sidebar, and footer. From social links, weather report to testimonials, this is the easiest way to enhance your site’s functionality.

WordPress gives you complete control over every aspect of your website. You can use it to build any kind of website, from an online magazine to an e-Commerce store or a membership website, the possibilities are endless. As a real estate business owner, this may be the ultimate reason to choose WordPress.